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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uniquely Menu Betawi 'mulatto'

Soto Betawi (Foto: Hidupgaya)
Betawi cuisine is very varied, both shape and taste. Not only the original, Betawi food may also have an international flavor because of the seasoning mix.
As citizens, Betawi cuisine can also be said heterogeneous. Inflows of foreign residents of Jakarta who in fact is the "hometown" ethnic Betawi, more or less have an impact on the taste of cuisine in the city formerly known as Batavia. Influence, among others come from the Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, and Portuguese, not to mention influences from other tribes in Indonesia who are numerous in Jakarta.
According to celebrity chef Rudy Choirudin, taste outstanding Betawi cuisine generally is savory and delicious. Although many types of food go to Jakarta, but Betawi cuisine has hereditary characteristics. "Most people are very fond of Betawi cuisine of their forefathers so many Betawi cuisine that still survive until now, even flying and one of its cultural symbols," said Rudy.
You certainly know the crust of the egg, ketoprak, pickles, and laksa. Betawi food is as though the menu has been a signature for culinary lovers. In addition, the Betawi cuisine there is also affected by region of origin of occurrence. Take for example, said Rudy, soto betawi in Central Jakarta and surrounding areas. Soto betawi there a lot of yellowish white with its fragrant and delicious. While in South Jakarta and surrounding areas, generally soto betawi slightly reddish in color, there is even a little yellowish.
"But definitely, our grandmothers used to have created soto betawi with aroma, taste, and delights the equivalent," added the cook who had guided the program on RCTI Prescription Okay Rudy's.
Well, if you're creative, you know soto betawi can also be combined with Indian spices. Chef Deden Gumilar never make it blend, and served to guests Hotel JW Marriot in Jakarta, some time ago. According Deden, soto betawi "mulatto" who made spice blend containing Betawi-India. Spice blend can be seen in gravy that use milk and oil samin. Gravy sauce like that is typical of India.
One more menu Betawi "mulatto" who introduced Chef Deden at the time, the pastel cover. Pastel This one supposedly has a distinctive British flavor. In contrast to the pastels are generally consumed as a snack or a snack, pastels cover precisely into the category of the main menu. In Britain, the menu is often called meat pies and served with potatoes, either baked or fried potatoes.
Menu pastel lid contains a densely packed minced beef with vegetables such as carrots and mushrooms. When viewed from its shape, at first glance this looks like a lasagna pie.
Sense of the "mulatto" Other frogs can be found in chickens. Despite the name, this is not a fusion menu of chicken meat with frog meat. But the menu is made from processed chicken stuffed with minced chicken and mixed with other ingredients such as boiled eggs.
"Why the name chicken frog? Since this is a menu of chicken, filled up to full and over so that her stomach ballooned just like a frog, "said Chef Daniel Firmanto.
Daniel explained that the chicken came from the European frog because it uses like beans and steak fries. Only, there is a similar menu called ballon thin chicken. In Europe, chicken thin ballon often served in a cold state.
"In Indonesia, the menu is often found as typical Betawi dish with a wide variety of content," said the chef who finish school in Bali's hospitality.
Complicated manufacturing process can be said to you that have not been good at her chicken fillet. Which must be considered is, the selected chickens must be fresh and smooth. Most importantly also, when memfiletayam, try not to hurt because it will ruin the texture of the chicken that wanted to serve.
"The knife became the main tool. For, if the right knife, fillet process will not take a long time. 15-20 minutes just enough, "said Chef Daniel.
Matter of taste, do not ditanya.Ayam toads have a sense that was pretty good because the presentation uses like steak sauce. Delicacy of this menu is also supported by the contents which is very soft, which is minced chicken.

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