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Aku adalah binatang jalang yang menghembuskan angin kedinginan. apa pun bisa kita lakukan, biarkan Hayal mu melambung tinggi menikmati sensasi lambda sehingga hayalmu menembus batas, bangun ketika kau mulai lelah akan semua, bakarlah dinding-dinding yang membuatmu tidak mempunyai waktu untuk membuka sensasi Lamda. masih ingatkah kita pernah bercerita tentang puncuk-puncuk lambda di ketinggian 200Hez aku telah menemukan seluk beluk lambda. Mari bersama menembus batas normal, yang akan membuka tabir mimpi menjadi kenyataan. aku lambda yang membagunkan dengan Argumentum ad populum, wujud nyata, ilusi, melayang maya membuka tabir biru menjadi sir Lamda

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Walmart and You? You Bet!

Why not start your employment search with one of the biggest employers in the country and Walmart is perfect place to look for both an entry-level job or a job as a seasoned manager. To decide if Walmart is right for you, you should consider whether you want to work during the day or work the night shift. Day jobs will typically involve customer interaction whereas a night job would not. Regardless of your choice, Walmart has many opportunities from which to select. You might want to consider the following when you assess whether you are a fit for the role:
Roles requiring customer interaction typically on the day shift: Cashier, Customer Service, Department Management or Greeter. Greeter is the job to seek if you love people. You make sure that everyone that comes to the store meets with a smile. You offer assistance in terms of providing guidance to locations of what department carries the items shoppers seek. Department Manager is a great opportunity. You will work with vendors and be a key informational resource for customers with questions about the products in your department. If you are great with math and money, then a cashier might be the perfect job for you to consider. Finally, if you really love helping people then Customer Service could be the role for you. In Customer Service you will help people with returns and help them resolve other problems.
Management is a day job that offers special opportunities for career growth. If you have previously managed a department, then you can look forward to aiming for an assistant store management, and with time and experience you can even land a very lucrative store management job. As with all management jobs, you will have the responsibility of making sure that the company is achieving its goals, your employees are growing, and your customers are satisfied.
Night shift jobs typically consist of stocker positions and freight handling. If you are naturally a night owl or if you don't like the customer interaction side of retail, then this may be a perfect job for you to consider. You should be fit and like doing work that involves labor to be a good candidate for this role. Regardless of which job is right for you, you best bet is to thoroughly research the company on their web site and apply online. Get the process rolling right now for your Walmart online job application as well as find out the latest pay information an apply for open positions.