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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Dive, Dive at SeaWorld Indonesia Sensation

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SeaWorld Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest aquarium. Here, you can feel the sensation of diving, romp, and holds a lot of small fish to large. In fact, if you're not good at swimming and diving do not have a certificate (diving license).

Occasionally, it could not hurt to try the program Fun Dive at SeaWorld. Because the dive could be an option to relieve tired and makes us more in love with the beauty of the sea.

"The goal is to educate the public to try to dive. Through Fun Dive, we can play to teach the viewer to love the world of diving. If there was someone waves at sea, but here it is relatively safer. We provide it all ends so that they can love the sea, "said Dodi Hardy, Assistant Chief Curator SeaWorld to the Legal Department, recently.

There are several packages offered to visitors to experience the beauty of the big pond SeaWorld. One of the four types of packages are offered, namely beginners or For Beginner package. For this package, visitors can dive in the main aquarium is only with the cost of 400 thousand with an hour long dive.

The price includes complete diving equipment includes buoyancy control device (BCD), fins, booties, mask, regulators, Octopus, scuba tanks, weights and dive computer. As well, instructors are ready to dive. In fact, as a memento, SeaWorld provides a single chip video diving for a single person or group.

Meanwhile, three other package is a package for certified divers, among them high quality, Discovery, and Shark Q. One of them are interesting enough to dive in the aquarium shark or Shark-Quarium (Shark-Q) measuring 12.5 x 9 meters with a water volume of approximately 650 thousand liters. For this, the visitors charged at 300 thousand for 15 minutes.

And in order to increase interest of young people, SeaWorld provides special discount of 50 percent for those who are still attending school and college students by demonstrating Card or Student Identity Card. Prices include admission to SeaWorld a regular day rates apply to incoming Rp40.000/orang and Rp 50.000/orang for weekends and holidays.

Dodi said the conditions specified management has only 17 years old and physically and mentally healthy.

"Its condition is not much really, his name is also Fun Dive. If we are too much love of the terms, not happy, they are burdened to be able to complete the conditions," he said.

Fun culminates when the body is immersed in a big pond. Slowly start to the bottom of the aquarium, thousands of fish as has been fishing to be invited to play.

A great fortune to see the rare fish. All types of fish, such as Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulates) with a length of 200 cm, yellow tail fish (Caesio cuning) 35 cm, alu-alu (Sphyraena Genie) 100 cm, and rays coconut (Hi-matnur a jenkinsi) 100 cm.

However, joy turned into a major challenge when diving deeper and see a large fish, the tiger grouper (Epinephelis cot oides) weighing about 40 kilograms and 1 meter in diameter.

Tiger grouper and rays bunfng (Aetobatus dancing) are the two major fish species in the main aquarium with 35 ppm salinity and water temperature of 27-30 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the smallest is the kind of doctor fish (labroides dimidcatus) which only has panjangtak more than 10 cm.

"Stingrays birds have long noses should be kissed because before entering the aquarium has been cut ekomya bone, so it is not dangerous for divers. Moreover, all fish can be held even if there is how, by gentleness," he said.

Apart from that, unforgettable experience is when your body feels drawn by the movement of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in diameter 1 meter and 40-year-old attractive when held shell.

That's a bit of fun that can be enjoyed by participants Fun Dive on average per month to 100 people. In addition to fish, divers can also view the ship wrecks (Wreck) tin that deliberately management of coral reefs even though there is no life.

Uniquely, diving at SeaWorld, visitors seemed to be a sudden celebrity. Because, when we are near the aisle Antasena (tunnel under the water) a lot of which hail even give a signal to be photographed together.

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