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Aku adalah binatang jalang yang menghembuskan angin kedinginan. apa pun bisa kita lakukan, biarkan Hayal mu melambung tinggi menikmati sensasi lambda sehingga hayalmu menembus batas, bangun ketika kau mulai lelah akan semua, bakarlah dinding-dinding yang membuatmu tidak mempunyai waktu untuk membuka sensasi Lamda. masih ingatkah kita pernah bercerita tentang puncuk-puncuk lambda di ketinggian 200Hez aku telah menemukan seluk beluk lambda. Mari bersama menembus batas normal, yang akan membuka tabir mimpi menjadi kenyataan. aku lambda yang membagunkan dengan Argumentum ad populum, wujud nyata, ilusi, melayang maya membuka tabir biru menjadi sir Lamda

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"About me"

er was geen andere keuze dan verder te gaan, de herinneringen aan het verleden alleen een harmonie, dat gezang Harfa,,, begeleiden,

Op zoek naar liefde zonder bloed ..

Een eenvoudiger voor je vechten
in plaats van wederzijdse genegenheid, luister naar dit ...

Neem een ​​eenvoudig huisje wat dan ook,
zal hij nog mooier dan het paleis van de majestueuze maar bevat argument.

Vergeet niet, dat de

"Het doel van alle succes is
kwam thuis met een gevoel van vrede. "

Zijn we echt hopen te bereiken
met een volgehouden inspanning en zonder vermoeidheid
om iets aan te merken met elkaar,
en gebruik maken van alle trucs
om te bewijzen dat uw echtgenoot verkeerd is?

Hebben we woede en
haat als een manier om te bereiken
goed leven en gelukkig zijn?

Waarom doen we niet kiezen voor een rustige sfeer,
dien verstande dat ontvangen en vergeven,
memesrakan oprechtheid,
onschuld en het stimuleren van elkaar?

Waarom zijn zo belangrijk voor ons
te voelen
boven de fout van ons hart minnaar?

Als we elkaar liefhebben,
waarom zoeken we
voldoening van zijn marteling?

Waarom hebben we elkaar niet
zoek opwinding voor elkaar?

Waarom hebben we niet zien
dat verdriet is het hart van onze geliefden
misvorming van ons eigen leven?

Waarom is het belangrijk voor ons om te voelen overwinning
een partner in de familie en terkecilkan onoverwinnelijk?

Laten we meer kinderlijke.

Bahagiakanlah uw ziel mate,
want het is het dichtst manier om jezelf te behagen.

Let op uw liefde aan de familie,
omdat de kortste weg aan de voorziening te verbeteren
is het verbeteren van de kwaliteit van affectie in het gezin.

Wees in vrede en vriendelijkheid -
zoals verwacht door God, dan kijken wat er gebeurt.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tips for Finding Small Shoes and Large Shoes

Having petite feet is often perceived as feminine but finding petite sized shoes for an adult can become difficult as small sized women's shoes are often hard to find. Petite size shoes are made - shoe manufacturers produce shoes in a wide range of different widths and sizes. The reason that smaller than average sizes shoes are often difficult to find is because high street stores do not order them on a regular basis like normal sizes because there is not a perceived demand for shoes in smaller than average sizes for women with small feet.
Women with small sized feet are not as fortunate as their average foot sized friends believe they are. Women who wear a shoe size 1 may find the correct size shoe and may find it in an adult style shoe that they like but a common problem often encountered is that the shoe is often too wide may still be too much of a wide fitting shoe for narrow and dainty feet. I have often heard it said that it is easier for ladies that require a large sized ladies shoe to find shoes than it is for those unfortunate to be a below average sized shoe to find stylish and chic shoes in an adult size and not have to resort to shopping in the children's range.
There are a few shops I am aware of that can be classed as speciality shops and do feature clothing specifically above and below what are considered normal and average sizes however such shops are very niche targeted and do not often have a wide range of clothing and shoes available in stock or on display.
Shopping for women's petite size shoes can be ardous sometimes but do not immediately dismiss high street chain, sometimes the size you require can be ordered specially if it is available. If you are really lucky they might even have one in stock. If you order a specific product that is not in stock but can be obtained from suppliers you might have to pay a small deposit or even the full amount.
An option that I would definitely recommend is to shop online for anything that may seem hard to obtain from high street stores. Online shopping and the use of search engines to find things that used to be difficult to obtain really has been a lifeline for many people with individual requirements, whether you have large size feet or extra small feet there is a wealth of information and e-commerce sites that are returned each time a search query is entered. The major drawback of shopping online for footwear, in any size, is that you are unable to actually try on the shoes and decide if they fit correctly and often it can be the case that those gorgeous shoes you viewed online are not as good as they looked. Try to ensure that if you do order anything online such as footwear or clothing that the company has an adequate returns policy and does not affect your statutory rights.
A few advantages of shopping online, especially for specialist and niche products, is that it is very convenient and can often save you a lot of time that could have been spent seeking what you want to purchase. Google is now actually a word in the Dictionary so feel free to Google away and find what you want and need. Online is often a very competitive marketplace for merchants too so you may be able to pick up a bargain and may even be able to enjoy free delivery so whether you have large or small feet, wide feet or thin feet there will usually be an online merchant that is attempting to fill a niche in the market.

Dresses For Plus Size Women That We Just Can't Get Enough Of

Once upon a time, the many dresses for plus size women were huge and over size. In short, they were not really fashionable. And large women just had to put up with the fact that they need something to wear comfortably. Well times have changed for the better and here's why.
More Fashionable Plus Size Dresses For Women
There is now a huge variety of fashionable plus size dresses for women that one can find online any time. And since many women are busy working these days, purchasing them online will definitely help them save time and gas. No one wants to get stuck in traffic jams or spend the whole day driving from one store to another looking for dresses when you can search online in the comfort of your own home. Since some of the online stores offer free shipping, it's more convenient to have you items delivered straight to your home. Unless you have all the energy and time in the world to do window shopping. Besides, you get to see more variety online and to also zero in on the style and designs that interest you.
What is Currently Popular?
So at the moment, large women get to look really good since many of the plus size dresses for women have been designed following the latest fashion trends. Need a dress for an evening dinner? There's plenty of choices to bowl you over. Want to go chill out at the club with friends? You could find some hot sexy plus size dresses that will make heads turn. And all these dresses will complement your figure. Whether you need some trendy tops or party dress to little black dresses and day shirts, you find the latest offering very appealing. And many of the online stores selling these clothing will have sizing information which makes it easier for women to select the sizes of their choice.
More Color, Cutting And Style
No longer will these dresses for plus size women be boring or mundane. There is now quite a good market for them as more and more designers come up with more designs offering beautiful cutting and a variety of colors and style to suite the taste of women all over. So if you're game to get some shopping done, now would be a good time.
These are some of the main reasons why we just can't seem to get enough of these dresses for plus size women. Especially with the fact that they are so readily and easily available online which women could purchase and have them shipped directly to them. Have a wonderful time shopping for them!

Best Place to Buy Plus Size Jeans for Women

In general, women look alluring in jeans, and that applies to plus size women, too. This brief guide about the best places to buy plus size jeans for women will help to make your next shopping spree a breeze.
Shopping online has become so common nowadays that a growing number of people now prefer to shop online. There are many reasons for this, but at the top of the lists are convenience and steep discounts, compared to what brick-and-mortar retailers in town could ever offer.
Many retailers are aware that the World Wide Web (WWW) is a giant cash register and the number of potential customers is virtually infinite. That is why many retailers, especially established ones, now have online presence to tap this huge market.
That is all dandy for plus size consumers of course because they are now spoilt for choice. The number of patterns, styles, shapes, prices and colors are mind-boggling. All one has to do is sit in front of the computer and then pick-and-choose at your convenience. You won't have to worry about eyeballs following your every step, unlike in retail stores.
But the problem with online shopping is that it is sometimes quite difficult to tell the genuine and scam operators apart. If you buy from the wrong establishment, you can kiss your hard-earned money goodbye. To help you resolve this problem, I am going to tell you four top retailers which you can patronize when shopping for plus size jeans for women.
(a) Delias - Looking for jeans which can fit a size 18? Delias is well worth a look. They have a nicely laid-out catalogue which you are free to browse online till your heart's content. Delias has a wide collection of jeans, and their offerings, in terms of colors, are also quite wide. Forget about searching for Delias in your city because they only have an online presence.
(b) Fashion Bug - If you are into style and affordability, Fashion Bug is a good starting point. Yes, their selection might not be as extensive as some online fashion stores, but their jeans are stylish and affordable. Unlike Delias, you can find Fashion Bug stores nationwide, that is if you are still skeptical about shopping on the Internet.
(c) Torrid - Similar to Fashion Bug, Torrid sells both online and in brick and mortar stores. The prices of their jeans are slightly on the high side but one of their competitive advantages over their competitors is that they have jeans ranging from size 12 to 28, and in a gamut of styles and colors. Shopping at Torrid is cool because their interface is user-friendly.
(d) Lane Bryant - Like Torid and Fashion bug, Lane Bryant started with physical stores and expanded into cyberspace. This retailer is very popular, especially among teenagers. But be careful with your pick because there have been complaints that their clothes are baggy and at times tight in the wrong places. But such grouses are mostly isolated cases. In general, they are well worth a look, especially in terms of styles and price.

Flaunt Your Curves With Steel Boned Corsets

Corsets are meant to cinch the waist and lift or push the bust to give the desired cleavage. They are basically garments that help women in flaunting their natural curves and still manage to look descent and sexy. Between the most popular type in the corset collection is the steel boned corsets. The steel boned corsets come with a total of 12 steel bones that are meant to give women the ultimate control. They manage to accentuate the natural curves in all women and the fact that they make everything else look flat and curvaceous makes them very popular among women. They are indeed the perfect choice for women looking for that sexy look.
Most of the steel boned corsets also come with a cotton lining that offers maximum comfort to the wearer and so you will never have to worry about the hurting. The steel boned corsets are also adjustable from the back side and this makes it possible for women to adjust to a level that bests suit their sizes and body shapes. It is always advisable to wear the corset at a level that feels comfortable enough and one that will not hinder you from proper breathing. It might however take some time to get used to wearing a steel boned corset evens though it is the best when it comes to flaunting those natural curves leaving you look all sexy and appealing.
The steel also make the corsets much sought after since they provide the strength and the durability most women are looking for in corsets. It is a fact that the last much longer as compared to plastic ribs. It is also easy for the steel to adopt to the feminine curves thereby giving that tight sexy appearance. They are also a great way of ensuring that you have enough back support making you have that fuller and sexier silhouette and posture. You will find that you are in a better position to move around.

Healthy Cooking Tips - Three Kitchen Items to Start a Year of Healthy Cooking

Even though the holiday sales are over, we still want you to get the kitchen item that you want. One of our main visions every start of the year is to cook and eat healthy; and one way to keep this goal realistic is to have the basic kitchen items in the kitchen.
A Steamer
Steaming your food is one way to control the amount of oils or fats you get from what you eat. Using a steamer is healthy because it preserves the vitamins and minerals in foods. Steam helps melt some of the excess fats in foods, which end up in the water that was heated to make the steam. The process concentrates the intrinsic flavor and juiciness of foods which not only makes foods taste better, but controls us from using rich sauces or unhealthy condiments to spice them up. A steamer can even cook eggs!
A Blender
With a blender in your kitchen, you can make your own fresh fruit shakes and smoothies. You can throw in a banana, apple and any other raw ingredient you like and blend in seconds. This does not only give you healthy drinks but you can easily have your juices and smoothies whenever you want them. A kitchen blender can deliver nutritious and delicious meals and snacks full of fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants paving way to a very affordable means of enjoying the most delicious and healthiest drinks the whole family can enjoy.
A Grill Pan
I recommend a grill pan because it is designed with raised ridges that can leave those wonderful grill marks on your food providing an appetizing appearance. What I find more special is the additional unique flavor it can provide from the melted sugars and fats, a thing that cannot be achieved in a standard fry pan or grill. The unique design of a grill pan allows the excess fat to drip down and eliminates smoke and spatter, while at the same time steam-flavoring your foods for amazing results.
It may not be always easy to prepare a healthy meal, especially if you are a very busy mom. But by understanding which kitchen items can help you prepare simple, easy and quick nutritious foods, you can save time and money; and if you plan carefully, a wide range of nutritious food can be presented to the whole family in a variety of different ways. So find any of the kitchen items now and begin the journey to healthiness.
Happy Cooking!

Cooking for the Single Woman in Baja

Growing up in an age when health food and bulk came back into fashion has been a large influence in how I cook and eat. This is all supported by being in Baja. The produce and meat is largely organic compared to the United States. Bulk foods are easy to come by at the produce stands. I can get almost everything I need at the Fruteria (produce stand) here in La Mision. My favorite is called Seranita, located in Rosarito. They have fresher stock for the most part and harder to get items like eggplant or Italian parsley, mushrooms and the like. Yet, if I could only shop locally (another current politically correct notion in the states) then I could live quite well shopping a half mile away.
The eggs are tied up in cartons exactly as they were when I was young and living in Middlesex. Where my family shopped for three generations at the Royal Pure Food Market. The service is identical. Rice is scooped up from a large bin by the kilo or media kilo. (2.2 pounds or half of that) and cost around a dollar a pound. Beans cost more as they are so full of protein. The Fruteria only has chicken leg and thigh pieces for meat. They are frozen when you buy them from the cooler. Cost about 75 cents a pound. The flavor is more intense than the "sanitized" version one buys in the average US supermarket.
I generally cook up 2 or 3 big pots of food during the average week. Chunky soups with various vegetable, with meat or without. Beans with lots of flavor provided by dried chilies, garlic, onions and fresh poblanos. Tomato sauces made with Roma tomatoes that smell like tomatoes fresh from local farms. Even when they are trucked in they have a lot of aroma. There is a small herb patch where I live with just rosemary and oregano. I keep both on hand close to the stove in a pretty vase to toss into whatever would be best seasoned with them.
No coupons for this woman! I do not shop very much in American supermarkets. They do not use them down here, though one store does play the game of one price for people with their "discount" card and another for the unfortunates who are not so lucky. There are not aisles and aisles of prepared food like the average US consumer is used to seeing either. All in all, the Mexicans cook the way I do. From scratch. Big pots of food. Not many a salad around, and if you find one at a restaurant it is expensive and not what you might be used to seeing. You might stumble upon Romaine lettuce, and lots of iceberg. Cabbage can be used as a base. If you are looking for the more "gourmet" items like mesclun mix or crimini mushroom they are not very easy to come by on this side of the border. Corn, squash, broccoli, carrots and celery are everywhere. I keep bowls of different washed produce in my refrigerator so I can see what I have and the freshness level.
I currently have a cook top stove which runs on propane. A small convection oven as well as a microwave. My favorite appliance is the Crock Pot. I can simmer all day and leave if I want, or enjoy the lovely smell of food cooking on a rainy day while I write or read at home.
It is easy for me to live on about $15 to $25 a week for food using this system. I consider my refrigerator to be like a small deli. This all so works for me!
Susan Mahalick has lived in Baja for the last nine years. She recommends that newcomers can use the FRAO (Foreign Relations Assistance Office) for many of their issues and information. She has also written a book about "Living Resourcefully, Yet Well" available in eformat on Amazon about tips on living well and within a budget.

How to Make Delicious and Cute Cake Pops

Cake pops are cute and delicious treats and are great alternative for traditional cakes. They are specially great for any kind of parties. There are thousands of options how you can make your cake pops look and taste like. But how to make them? Everybody has seen those cute little pops at Starbucks. Next I'll explain how you can make your cake balls look just as cute at home.
The easiest way to make these treats is by using the Bake Pops pan, which you can order online for a bargain price. Using this pan will save you a tons of time and it's super easy to make these treats with it.
You simply have to follow these three easy steps: First you mix up your favorite cake mixture just simply fill the pan with it. Second you close the lid and let them cook in oven. Third you let your cake pops to cool down and decorate them how you want. That's how simple it is when using Bake Pops pan.
Off course there is also the traditional way to make them. It takes a lot more work and time to make these treats the "old" way. You have to start with baking the cake and when it's done, you have to crumble the cake in small crumbs. Then you have to add frosting to your cake to make it moist. Be careful to not make it too moist because then it's hard to get it to stay on the sticks. Refrigerate your mixture for about 30 minutes until firm and make small balls out of the mixture after that. Lastly insert sticks and decorate how you like.
I have made cake pops both the easy and the hard way. I have to say that the taste is pretty similar both ways but with Bake Pops pan your cake pops come out much cuter. That's because with the pan, balls come out equally round every single time.
So I recommend using the easy way. I'm using my Bake Pops pan almost every weekend with my family. Great way to spend a nice Sunday night with your loved ones making easy, cute and delicious cake pops.
You can also make these treats and take them with you for a nice picnic for example. Especially my kids are totally in love with cake pops. I highly recommend you to try them out!

Break Up Winter Monotony With A Make Your Own Pizza Night

Winter days can seem to run together, and cabin fever can set in pretty quickly. The trick to surviving the short, cold days of winter (and fighting off cabin fever) is varying your activities and keeping monotony at bay. If you plan out some new ways to vary your routine, you might find yourself enjoying the cozy nights at home amid the evenings of laughter and fun. One thing you can add to your family night repertoire is a make your own pizza night.
Pizza is a comfort food of sorts, and people of all ages enjoy it for its versatility and familiarity. There are likely very few Americans who have never had a slice topped with cheese and pepperoni. Your family probably has a favorite pizzeria where you like to gather (or at least order delivery). This dish is also great for many different types of occasions and celebrations.
Sometimes, it is nice to take a break from the routine and do something different. The most economical way to do this is to make the crust from scratch and then have a few different toppings to choose from. Crust is easy to make, although it takes a little bit of planning. If you purchase some sauce, toppings and cheese you will have everything you need open your own "family pizzeria" in your kitchen.
Begin about 2 hours before you want to start assembling the pizzas. If you have a stand mixer or bread machine, making the dough will be quite simple. Allow time for it to rise, and then divide the dough once it is ready to shape. Divide the dough equally and shape it into round discs. If the crust is thick, you might find it helpful to prick it with a fork before adding the sauce (to allow it to cook thoroughly).
Once your crusts are ready to go, it is time to add the toppings. This is most fun when you set up an assembly line and let everyone add toppings, as they desire. If you have several to make, you may want to put them into the oven in batches. You can have some people working on theirs while others are in the oven.
Leftover dough can be used to make cheese bread or dessert pizza. To make cheese bread, place the dough in a deep-dish pan and then score it. Top the dough with a mixture of cheeses and seasonings, and then bake it until the cheese is lightly browned and the dough is golden. To make dessert pizzas, place the dough in a deep-dish pan and top with cinnamon and sugar. Slice it just like you do for regular pizzas, and then serve with a sugar-based dipping sauce.
Making your own pizzas can be a fun and informal way to beat the winter blahs. Gather your ingredients and your supplies and get ready to spend a great evening together.

Say Hello to Healthy and Hassle Free Cooking

Say hello to healthy and hassle free cooking
Summary: Cast iron cookware is the latest buzz as people are now understanding the benefits and features of using these units. They are available in a wide range and variety.
Cookware has been used a long time and many variations have been added to offer the best quality cookware to individuals. But the cast iron cookware is something that is commonly used, and liked by many, even though the iron pans and pots have been eclipsed for newer styles and technologies.
No oil fuss with iron cookware! A great benefit of cast iron cookware is that it requires less or no oil for cooking. As the pans and cookware are seasoned, they are even non-sticking and so users can enjoy low calorie food. For all those who are health conscious and limit themselves to using oils and butters, the cast iron skillet, woks and griddles are the perfect choice.
With a wide variety of cookware to select from, including different sizes, and shapes can easily handle the toughest jobs. The most commonly used cookware includes woks, griddles, skillets and pizza pans. As they are made from heavy carbon materials, they require little attention when it comes to greasing as natural iron perfectly serves as the non sticking surface.
Why to opt for cast iron cookware? As heavy metal, it is indeed indestructible. In other words, this sort of cookware may be used for generations and with the same level of efficiency as the time they were purchased. Also, the iron cast cookware selection is less expensive than the modern counterparts and you can even save time when it comes to cleaning iron pans and pots. The greatest benefit of cast iron utensils is that they distribute heat evenly and thus eliminate cold and hot spots that you may find on stainless steel and aluminum. Some of the other benefits associated with using these cookware items include:
. Serve as great heating conductors
. When well maintained, they can last for a life time
. Strong and durable
. When seasoned properly, they work just like the non stick pans
. Are great to retain heat even when the outside temperature changes
. When you use the enamel coated cookware, you can take them directly from the over to the table
. Can even be used on stove and are oven safe
Indeed, the cast iron cookware is the kind of cooking units that have proven their nutritional value. These in turn offers health conscious people real comfort in enjoying healthy and calorie free food. Heat retention power is what cast iron cookware features. More so, as these units retain heat, they offer the best heat retention feature, after you remove them from the main heat source. Also they are perfect for serving as the food stays hot for a long span of time. Golden brown pancakes or correctly seared meats are surely the outcomes of using the cast iron cookware in your kitchen. The amazing heat retention quality of these units are the perfect way to enjoy slow simmering and tasty stews and soups.
Last but not least, cast iron cookware is highly versatile and offers a large number of benefits. When you spend some time maintaining and seasoning these units, they will definitely be an asset to your kitchen.

Bake Pops - Move Over Cakes, Bake Pops Are Here To Stay

Are you planning on having a children's party for your daughter's birthday? Would you not like to make it a colorful, enjoyable, delicious treat for the children? If so, how about baking and serving yummy bake pops, loved by children of all ages, but sadly out of reach of most of them because of their fancy prices like $2 to $3 in Starbucks or bakery shops. These look like lollipops, but are, in fact, cakes, with a wonderful taste and pretty looks. They are also called cake pops, cake balls, or even balls on a-stick, and are adored by children. In view of their exorbitant prices in retail outlets, why not follow a few simple steps and bake them yourself, save costs, enjoy making them and let the children splurge to their heart's content?
Bake pops making is neither an intimidating task nor is it a time-consuming one, if you follow the simple baking plan underlined here. In fact, your innovations and ingenuity can turn out better quality bake pops at your first attempt, than those pricey ones in the market, and you will have the children scrambling to get their share of these delicious treats, which seem to cry out, "move over cakes, and make way for bake pops." Here's how you would ideally execute your bake pops baking and finishing plans.
a) First prepare a list of all the equipment and ingredients.
b) Buy a bake pop pan, at a discount price, online, from their website, and avail the frequent offer of "buy one, get one free," and this should not only render your job easier, but also save you valuable time. Using it is very rudimentary, especially with your preferred cake mix, which comes conveniently, packed in a box.
c) Now, mix your cake mix properly, and fill in the pan. Close the lid and bake it in the oven for the specified time and temperature. After the pan is extricated from the oven and the pops from the pan, insert the sticks, and decorate at will.
Here again, the traditional method is first baking a cake, crumbling it, adding frosting to an optimal level for moisturizing the mix (to allow the sticks to stay when inserted), refrigerating the mix for 30 minutes, rolling into the shape you desire. Then, pop in the sticks and decorate or to caramelize the pops, or even Chocó-dip them as you like.
The general opinion, however, is that, though the tastes are similar, the first method is a better one, because the pops come out evenly rounded from the pans, every single time, and look cuter and are easy to decorate.
For your child's birthday party, make sure the menu appeals to her taste buds, and you must further ensure especially that the bake pops are flavored to ensure that your child and all her friends go passionate about it. Remember, on that day your daughter is undisputed queen!
The bake pop resembles a lollipop, only they are bigger. Use the opportunity to make them in sufficient quantities to cater to all the children and adults present for the party. The success of your endeavor lies in the wonderful way you decorate them, and for this, be innovative and use all the items available, like chopped nuts, Chocó chips, candy sprinklers, flaked coconuts, and even try Chocó dipping or caramel dipping. Your guests will enjoy the mouth-watering taste of these enjoyable bake pops

Asian Inspired Food Made Healthier At Home

Often when we are in a hurry, or running late or just plain tired, we head to the take-out Chinese Restaurant and grab something to go. Fresh and simple, plus everyone likes this style food once in a while. In your mind you know this food will be loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Is there a better answer to avoid these ingredients? If you make it at home, it will healthier and actually taste better if you know what to watch out for.
The First place to start is the Soy Sauce
Soy sauce should be thought of as liquid sodium. One tablespoon of soy sauce has 1,000 mg of sodium, and even Lite soy sauce is loaded with sodium. Research shows that the American Heart Association recommends for every 1,000 Calories of food consumed, the sodium intake should be 1,000 mg and the daily total should not exceed the 3,000 mg. The way to reduce the amount of sodium when you cook at home is to simply cut back on the measurements when adding soy sauce. You also want to choose a reduced sodium soy sauce which takes the sodium count down about 300 mg per tablespoon but still high because that still leaves it around 700 mg per teaspoon. One of the best alternatives to soy sauce is the Bragg brand of liquid amino acids. These are produced with soybeans. They do not add salt to the product. The natural occurring sodium from the soy bean is only approximately 320 gm. per teaspoon. Amino acids are actually beneficial to your body and are needed by your brain and nervous system.. Amino acids help to break down and absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat. The Bragg company can be found online. They are celebrating 100 years in business (1912-2012) and offer many different products. There are other companies that offer quality products that you can use, however this is the one that I am familiar with so I have added them as a point of reference. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.
Lets skip the MSG
Mono-sodium glutamate, better known as MSG is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Asian foods. Some reports indicate that MSG has been linked to health issues in some people. While it does not effect some people, others can not tolerate even a little and avoid it completely. You can safely avoid using it altogether and will find no difference in the flavor of your finished dish. When making Asian-style cuisine at home, start by picking out the best and freshest ingredients available. This will insure that your dishes will be flavorful on their own. There are plenty of healthy methods for enhancing flavor. If you still do not believe there is enough sodium in your dishes, a small amount of sea salt will brighten the flavor. You can add fresh herbs for a healthier form of flavor enhancement.
Always remember Fresher is Better
Once you decide to cook at home rather than eating out, picking the right ingredients can make your Asian dishes become a family favorite. If you have a local farmer's market nearby or a store with a section that is dedicated to selling local, fresh ingredients, this is where you wan to buy your produce. Local, produce is picked when it is ripe and not ripening as they are shipped from some other state or country in the world. If you don't know where to find the freshest fish or grain feed chicken and beef, ask around to find your local fish monger, butcher, and farmer's market. Always buy and use Wild caught fish as it is healthier that farm raised. Most Asian dishes are served with noodles or rice. Noodles made with white flour, and white rice are not your healthiest choices. Switch to noodles made with wheat flour and if it's rice you want, make it brown rice. Brown rice cooked in a nice vegetable stock or low sodium chicken stock will add a lot of flavor and be healthier also. If you are looking for healthy Asian-inspired food start by looking in your own kitchen. Just remember to go easy on the soy sauce or switch to another sauce altogether. Try a variety of herbs and spices in place of the sodium high soy sauce. Shop for locally grown fresh ingredients. Use wild caught fish and grain feed chicken and beef if possible. You can have delicious meals that will stick to your ribs without sticking to your waistline by cooking at home.

Chowder Cooking Techniques - Secrets to a Delicious Chowder Dish

Traditionally-delicious chowder is one that is based with cream. It carries the first and original ingredients used by the first settlers. If you want to put tradition into your table, you need the basic onion, potatoes, diced carrots, cream, clams and celery. These are the ingredients composing the first secret.
Potatoes are important in a chowder, but regardless of how you cut them, don't peel the skin away. With skin included, it will enhance taste, texture and provide more nutrients in your dish. Some use red potatoes; their firm and waxy nature can also add texture and delicacy. Even after they are cooked, they become creamy without losing their shape.
The other secret to successful chowder is the stock. Either you buy a jar of clam broth base in the supermarket or make your own; the right saltiness is what will give your clam chowder its deep, tasty and well-seasoned flavor. If you're using roux, make sure the stock is well-heated before whisking into the flour mixture. Bring to a boil once while continuously whisking then simmer for not more than 10 minutes. When using corn, you may omit using thickener. Blending the corn with the potatoes will thicken the whole entree.
Since herbs can make a great difference in any dish, you can try at least three or four different combinations for your clam chowder. This is your chance to discover which herb is best for your clam chowder recipe. If you enjoy exploring new tastes, you will find it fun how each of the herbs you use imparts different aroma in your chowder dishes. Parsley, thyme, bay leaf and pepper are your best choices for a hint of spicy warmth to chowder.
Adding new ingredients can be very surprising. The blend of cheese, garlic and carrot makes one of the most appetizing clam chowder. A little red wine vinegar can also serve extra flavor. You can use or skip salt pork, use less or a lot of butter, with or without flour, cheesy or not, you decide. But whatever recipe you pick, a delicious chowder dish requires superior seafood products that are fresh and from a reputable source. It is top secret!
For all these tips to work together, make sure to cook chowder in a consistent low heat. It is important not to go far this time to bring that beautiful chowder soup to its flavor potential, balanced texture and smoothness.

How the Paleolithic Diet Makes You Eat Like a Caveman

The mere thought of cavemen brings to the mind a host of images ranging from their long, wild hair to their hunting clubs. However, most people do not even realize that the cavemen have actually set the best example for eating healthy and natural foods.
The cavemen lived during a time age before agriculture took a foothold in societies around the world. They walked for extreme distances to hunt and gather their food, and were extremely fit and healthy. They ate mostly of the animals they hunted and also ate fruits, nuts and berries. If there was ever a scarcity of food in an area, they moved on to find another area filled with provision.
The Paleolithic diet can be said to be the oldest human dietary pattern of all. Ten thousand odd years ago people learnt how to do farming, but the actual completion of the Paleolithic age came already 20,000 years ago. We know that the genes involved in nurturing adaptation of the human metabolism needs hundreds of thousands of years before it can properly adapt to conditions. This is probably why theorists of the Paleo diet believe to date human beings have not fully developed their metabolisms to cope with eating grains, legumes and dairy products. These were all in fact introduced only at the time when agriculture first started and were not eaten at all in the Paleolithic era.
The Paleolithic diet emphasises dropping processed foods completely from one's diet. Even if they are made up of wheat based foods like bread, donuts, cookies and pastries. The cavemen never even heard of these foods. The same applies to dairy products that were not available to the cavemen and that is the reason why the Paleo diet wants us to stay away from milk, yogurt and butter etc. The cavemen actually ate a very nutrient rich diet that consisted of animal based proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables.
In the Paleo diet we are told to eat lean cuts of meat as this was the habit of the cavemen. They were lucky during the age they lived in because none of the animals they hunted had undergone any kind of human interference in their rearing. We can add lean meats to our diet from a selection of leaner cuts such as these listed here: chuck steak, London broil, lean pork, pork chops, pork loin, flank steak, top sirloin steak and lean beef. Beef burgers are also fine as long as they contain a minimum fat content of 7% or less. Poultry consisting of chicken and turkey breasts are welcome in the Paleo diet. As are eggs since we know the cavemen ate them also. Just be sure to not eat more than six eggs in a given week.
The Paleolithic diet aids the body in the absorption of key nutrients. Your body also benefits from a much more balanced distribution of minerals and vitamins. One of the most important benefits however is the resultant slow down of one's digestion made possible by eating lots of fresh plants and lean meat. A slower digestion translates to even blood sugar levels as well as a regulated appetite. This helps you by making you feel satisfied for longer periods of time, effectively preventing your food intake from reaching unhealthy levels. Which means you won't overeat and hence you won't increase your weight if you don't want to

The Key to Cooking Great Filet Mignons

For many people, the filet mignon is the end-all, be-all of steak. It combines extreme tenderness with extreme leanness, making it a nearly guilt-free indulgence. However, the filet mignon is one of the hardest steaks to cook right due to both its leanness and its thickness.
Regardless of whether you will be broiling, grilling or pan-searing your filets, there are a few tips that apply universally. Start by selecting a good steak. Choose filets that have a lighter color, indicating that they are better marbled. If your filets are extremely lean, consider wrapping them in suet or bacon to add some fat and prevent them from drying out. Season filets before you cook them. Simply adding a bit of salt and pepper will improve the flavor of the steak without changing it. Finally, let the steak reach room temperature before you cook it.
Pan-sear, broil or grill your steaks as quickly as possible on as high a heat as possible. Slow cooking will dry out a filet mignon. Ideally the filet should be cooked rare or medium-rare. When cooked to higher degrees of doneness, filet mignon will both lose its tenderness and its moisture.
Although many recommend a meat thermometer as a test of doneness, it's also possible to just use your senses. A trick that chefs use is to press the steak with their finger to feel how much give or springiness it has. You can use your face as a guide. If the steak feels like your cheek, it is rare, and if it feels like your earlobe, it is medium rare. Medium steaks have a texture similar to the side of your nose, and medium well will feel like the tip of your nose. When in doubt, pull the steak off the fire too soon rather than too late. Not only is it easier to recook a steak, but the steak will also continue cooking for a few minutes even after being removed from the heat.
To cook the filet mignon, place it on a broiling pan, grill grid, or in a good quality stovetop pan and spray it with a high-temperature oil or non-stick spray. Ensure that the pan is preheated to the hottest possible temperature -- many restaurants cook filet at temperatures over 1000 degrees. Once the sides of the steak begin to turn gray, flip the steak over and cook the other side. Use the texture test outlined above to determine doneness and remove the steak from the heat when it is done. Let it rest five minutes at room temperature before serving. Enjoy!

Cast Iron Cookware - Soap or No Soap

Of all the concerns of cooking in cast iron, cleaning seems to be the most debated of all followed by seasoning. Cleaning of any cooking or serving items, including cast iron, basically revolves around fastidiousness, hygiene, personal taste, and care for the cookware itself. Using Lye (soap), Detergent, Ammonia, Coarse Salt, Vinegar, Cornmeal, Boiling or just wiping the pots have all been advocated as cleaning techniques and it seems like everyone has there own technique that works for them. A review of these techniques seems to be in order so the reader can decide on which best suits them.
Cleaning in general involves removal of unwanted soil from the surface of the particular item in general. Cooking vessels generally involve soiling from both oily soil and baked on soil in the process of food preparation. Baked on soil usually entails some form of abrasive technique to remove while the former can be removed by other techniques involving a detergent or other surfactant to roll up the unwanted cooking residue. Removal of these soils is a consideration of both hygiene and care of the vessel itself.
Specifically addressing cast iron cookware, in particular the "Black Iron" variety it's important to review its surface. Almost all of this type of cookware manufactured today comes pre-seasoned in which some form of oil is applied to the vessels surface under pressure, then baked in under high heat. This baking allows the pores of the metal to expand, absorbing the oil, and upon cooling seal the surface against humidity so as to prevent rusting. What makes cast iron unique in this respect is that should surface damage occur, it can be renewed by re-seasoning unlike other cookware which must be discarded.
Addressing the aforementioned cleaning techniques, most manufacturers of decent cookware dissuade the use of either harsh or abrasive materials in the cleaning process. Lye (sodium hydroxide), Ammonia (Yuck), and Vinegar (acidic) unless properly diluted can impact the pans surface and complicate the cleaning process as does boiling due to having to refill the pan and bring to a boil although these may be effective for heavily burned on soil. Abrasive techniques such as coarse salt and cornmeal can also impact the surface, as does dishwashers. Merely wiping may be OK for dry foods but for oil based soils is not particularly good from a hygienic standpoint.
Regarding the use of soap or other surfactants on cast iron, a balance between cleaning, hygiene and personal taste must be made. Cast Iron Cookware has a tendency to retain a flavor of previously cooked food which some delight in so they clean to favor this characteristic. Others may prefer a deeper cleaning to remove the flavor bearing oils required by this tendency so this remains a personal choice. Cast Iron is porous, as is a lot of cookware, and surfactant absorption is a factor of contact, concentration, and time. Hence we need a balance between cleaning for hygienic reasons and yet retaining the cookware's inherent properties.
A reasonable balance could be struck by employing the "Neat Method" (ref.1) of cleaning which removes baked on soil using hot water with a mildly abrasive cleaning device followed a mild detergent applied to the same cleaning device is employed. This is followed by a thorough rinse in hot water and drying with papers towels. In addition, I also employ what I call intermediary seasoning by warming the pan over a medium heat, spraying with cooking oil, cooling, and wiping off the excess. This has worked well over the years with frequently used pots and pans. For consideration on detergents and cast iron cookware see (ref. 2).
In conclusion, while there is no definitive cleaning technique for cleaning a cast iron pot other than the manufacturer's instruction, or personal preference, these are some considerations which should be kept in mind if you're considering acquiring one of these great cooking vessels.

Calling All Bumpaholics

I'm actually surprised its taken us all so long to come up with a catchy name for our society's pregnancy/baby obsession. But here it is: bumpaholics.
"What does Heidi Klum have in common with Nadya Suleman, the woman better known as "Octomom"? They're both responsible for turning women into "bumpaholics," or women who have become obsessed with getting pregnant. At least that's what several experts suggest in a recent article in Women's Health, arguing that "celebs photographed cuddling one adorable infant after the next, plus infamous moms who steal the spotlight when they give birth to higher order multiples, are stoking the flames of pregnancy lust in some women."


230 Fifth Avenue

Greg and I checked out Playa, Barrio's new younger, flirtier Latin American sister space, on Sat night, and it totally rocked. I give it a (mostly) big, fat, thumbs up.

Spencer Rothschild and partner/chef Adrian Leon are the boys slash brains behind Park Slope fave Barrio on Seventh Ave, and Playa (along with the adjoining Cabana Bar) seem to round out their Latin lovin BK empire handily.

Best of all, while the restaurant is in "previews," everyone enjoys a 15% discount that's automatically applied to your bill!
Here's what we ordered:
*Bonfire Bowl cocktail - tropical rum punch/flaming volcano (serves 3-4)
Ok, our adorable hipster waiter told us that this served 2, though the menu says 3-4. I was feeling ballsy, and I liked the idea of my drink arriving on fire, so I thought we would try it. HOWEVER, it *was* srsly strong. Way too strong for an ocassional (read: pussy) drinker like myself. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more fruity/frothy/girly. It arrived in a massive bowl and would def be fun to drink with a group, but I couldn't really handle it and we abandoned ship after a few sips (sending a shout out to the waitress who joked that she wouldn't let us leave until we finished the whole thing--we suck).
*Pan de Bono - basket of homemade, warm Colombian cheese bread
ZOMGS was this good. I could have eaten like 3 or 4 more baskets.
*Pollo Skewer - chili lime chicken skewer
Greg: "It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!"
*Reina Pepiada - Venezuelan Arepa with chicken and avocado
This was probably my least favorite dish, though I think that's also because I didn't quite realize what it was. It ended up being more of a traditional chicken salad type Arepa with the chix and avocado mixed up in some sort of mayonaise-y type dressing. In my mind I was expecting more of chicken fajita type sitch with grilled pieces of chicken, tomatoes, onions, avocado, etc.
*Hamburgecitas - Angus sliders/guajillo ketchup/sweet potato fries
I'm a total sucker for sliders. I intended to order something more latin-y, but I caved at the last min and ordered the hamburgecitas. I'm glad I did cause they were really delish: two mini burgs served on Portugese rolls with lettuce and tomato. At this time of year, I often get gross, inedible tomatoes, but these were devine. The guajillo ketchup was also really great (and I'm not much of a ketchup girl normally) and the sweet potato fries were crispy and fantastico.
*NOTE: Greg ordered the skewer and the arepa (two smaller dishes) as his main course.
The decor is fresh and beachside chic. There was a small (but totally respectable on Thanksgiving weekend) crowd there, and everyone else's food also looked delish (I stared at all of it). Bonus: the waitstaff all wear these super adorbs "Playa" turquoise tees...I kinda want one.
My only real complaint was that their dessert menu was somewhat limited. Not sure if they are still fine tuning, but our only options were Key Lime Pie and Flan. I'm usually a very strict chocolate-o-tarian when it comes to dessert, so I would have loved some more options there.

Whassup: Death of a Paw Edition

Jaguar Love at Southpaw, 2008 (by Dig the Well)
With the news of the Slope's old-school music venue Southpaw closing, I'm gonna list you one Southpaw show until the place croaks Feb. 20. But, never fear if even sentiment won't get you into their be-stickered walls, there's plenty else in the 'hood to do. Welcome to Whassup: Death of a Paw Edition: 
* Friday, Jan. 27: Singer-Songwriter Night, Roots Cafe: South Slope java shack, Roots, is an impossibly cozy and neighborhoody place to fill up on caffeine and MacBook juice. Most of the baristas are also musicians, and so the little spot hosts an equally cozy singer-songwriter review most Fridays. Stop in, pick up a bag of Stumptown, and stomp your boots. 8pm, FREE. 
* Saturday, Jan. 28: SomethingatSouthpaw, Southpaw: This week, it's one of my favorite regular events that (hopefully) will find a new home: Dig Deeper, a monthly showcase of old soul and R&B. Eula Cooper croons with one of the series' house bands. 9pm Doors, $12.
* Sunday, Jan. 29: Mac 'n' Cheese TAKEDOWN, Bell House: Matt Timms' Takedown amateur food competition returns covered in melted milk mold. I've just given you perhaps the only disgusting description possible of mac 'n' cheese. Every other description is delicious. And even that one was a little delicious, admit it. Come sample 25 noodle and dairy preparations from 25 NY chefs -- and vote for the awesomest. And eat way too much. 2pm, $15.
* Sunday, Jan. 29: Meatball Cookoff, Uncle Barry's: If mac 'n' cheese sounds a little to vegetarian for you, A) you might be from Texas, B) here's your chance for the meat course: admission gets you a chance to wrap your lips around all nine delicious, tender balls (what?) and suck down (what??) a 16oz. Dale's Pale Ale draft. 5pm, $10.
* Monday, Jan. 30: Sackett Reading Series, Bookcourt: The Sackett Street Writers' Workshop, started by Slope resident and Iowa MFA grad Julia Fierro, started a reading series last year. Its second incarnation hits Bookcourt today. Come on, you know you want to be able to tell people, "I'll have to DVR that -- I'm going to a READING." 7pm, FREE.
* Thursday, Feb. 2: Story Collider "Science Teachers," 92nd Y: Park Slope's own science storytelling series Story Collider ventures into the vast, skyscrapered wilderness across the river to produce a night of stories about and by science teachers. Educators who probably believe in evolution and global warming: it's like an anti-GOP debate.  7pm, $12.

Gareth Pugh for Absolut vodka

After the recent reveal of a collaboration with MAC Makeup  English designer Gareth Pugh has now unveiled his design collaboration with the prestigious vodka brand Absolut, which has previously been treated to makeovers from the likes of Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Jean Paul Gaultier, to name a few.
Entitled Absolute Mode Edition, Pugh’s characteristically hard-edged design, was originally based around his iconic SS07 collection that was inspired by the stealth bomber, with the designer explaining that he simply “wanted to create something epic” for his collaboration with the brand.
“I began by thinking of an ‘Absolute Gareth Pugh’ and I decided to choose an outfit from my archive, something that I feel captures the essence of my work which I could use to ‘dress’ the Absolut Mode Edition bottle and in a very abstract way,” said Pugh.
Although the price is not yet revealed, if you want to get your hands on one of the highly collectable bottles they will be available exclusively from the W Hotel in London from September 7th. Pugh has also redesigned the classic Absolut bottle, which can be bought exclusively from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges from September 5th. The bottle will also be sold at a selection of major supermarkets for the fairly modest price of just £30 – just over double of what the original bottle usually retails for.

Alexa Chung is back in fashion

Although recently being featured on the over of British Vogue, newly single Alexa Chung has almost been out of sight where fashion is concerned. But after months of being out of the fashion spotlight, the 27 year old socialite has now has a slew of brand new projects up her stylish sleeves.
First up is a the stars new reality TV show, entitled 24-Hour catwalk. The show will be aired in the US and will put aspiring designers against each other – undoubtedly similar to the hugely popular Project Runway series fronted by the likes of supermodel Heidi Klum.  And if presenting doesn’t work out for her, then there’s always her talent at design. After the success of her first collection with Madewell, Chung will now be launching a brand new second collection for the US retailer in September, featuring a range of looks inspired by “girls in bands who live in their looks”.
After design, comes modelling, a concept that Alexa is only so used to. Recently, popular womenswear label Vero Moda signed Chung as their brand new face, stating that Alexa was the “perfect choice” for its new campaign. The collection will be launched in November.

Lady Gaga to start fashion line

After the recent reveal of Kanye West creating his own fashion line  it has now been rumoured that the outlandish popstar Lady Gaga is set to design her own collection too. After Gaga’s fairly recent outfits of meat hats and 11 inch platforms, anyone would think that Gaga had gone, well…Gaga. But you can all let out a sigh of relief, as the entire collection is supposed to be “relatively normal and wearable” as claimed by a reliable source.
It is said that Lady Gaga has come up with the idea of remodelling the styles of classic fashion icons from the past, including the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, which almost explains the singer’s late outfit choices that have consistented of fairly sober and fairly ‘normal’ outfits by Versace.
This won’t just be a random celebrity brand, either. It appears as though Gaga been working alongside her little sister, Natali Germanotta who is currently 19 years old and studying at the prestigious New York Parsons School of Design. According to the source, the duo have been “coming up with a slew of design options”, and we at Fashionolia can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves, or at least up their latex-coated-studded-leather-acetate cuffs..

Harry Potter stars try modelling

After spending the last 10 years operating under one of the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, Harry Potter stars Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) have decided to follow in the footsteps of their glamorous co star, Emma Watson, and try their hand at modelling.
Starring in the latest advertising campaign for the US fashion label Band of Outsider’s, the couple were pictured in a selection of ‘geek chic’ staple pieces for the new look book in a Polaroid-style shoot taken by BOO’s leading designer Scott Sternberg. More ironically, the shots were taken at the aptly named LA clubhouse and restaurant, ‘The Magic Castle’.
Modelling the new AW11 menswear collection, the pair are almost unrecognisable from their magical alter egos, with Felton’s signature pale complexion replaced with a healthy Los Angeles glow and Grint’s roughed up style replaced with a prim and proper scarf and sweater combo.
Following the shoot, Felton tweeted “Thanks @bandofoutsiders for letting our bromance flourish; it was a truly magical day…kissing shots to come” and we sure can’t wait to see those! What do you think of the new campaign?

Carine Roitfeld to leave French Vogue

Carine Roitfeld
According to a news post on, French Vogue editor-in-chief and stylist Carine Roitfeld is set to leave the magazine, with her departure effective in just a few weeks. The president of Condé Nast international and Condé Nast France reported:
“Carine left a mark on the history of Vogue Paris thanks to her incredible talent as a stylist and editor-in-chief. I regret Carine’s decision, even if I understand it. One page turns and a new step begins for this solid and powerful brand that is sure of its values.”
The iconic voguette had already accumilated ten years at Vogue under her Hermes belt. Under her leadership the magazine became a wordwide reference and a must-have magazine for each month. She built connections between the brand and some of the biggest photographers in the world, such as Testino and Richardson.
Carine Roitfeld
New York magazine’s spring 2008 fashion issue included a short profile of Carine, which gave everyone an inclination that this day was coming:
“My best quality is to be stylist. I never think about this career, this big job,” she said. “I never wanted to be what I am today, and I will not die in the position.” She still finds the idea of an office with a door where she’s expected every day somewhat troubling. She claimed that all she ever wanted was to be surrounded by very attractive people and expensive clothes. It’s always been “fashion, fashion, fashion”.
She also stated that she thought the fashion world had become a bit boring due to there being “so much money”. “When you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag.”
There have already been rumours flying around that Carine has left to work for Tom Ford, but we’ll have to wait and see. What’s your opinion on Carine leaving, and who do you think would be a good replacement?

Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrity Men

We are bombarded with images of impeccably dressed men from day to day in magazines, on the Internet and blazing across our television screens, but what Fashionoliahave done is compiled our very own ‘Best Dressed’ list so you don’t have to. We have scoured the high and lows of celebrity dressing and have brought together what we think are the top ten best dressed males in celebville. Some may be well-known, some may be new faces but each man has one thing in common…a fabulous sense of style!

Orlando Bloomkicks off our Top Ten Best Dressed with his unique take on casual dressing. Take away these accessories and Orlando is simply wearing what any male would wear on a day to day basis, with his baggy jeans and layered t-shirts. Add a black trilby hat with black ribbon and this charm necklace and this look goes from mundane to Hollywood. Actors always seem to have an eye for unusual objects, this necklace looks vintage and means Orlando comes in at a fashion filled No.10.
Usher‘s urban take on fashion makes him No.9 on our list. The singer has a great knack of knowing just how to put an outfit together as you can see from the image above. The plaid shirt with the waistcoat and jeans look super stylish and topped off with the hat and tan leather belt, this look is pulled together perfectly. Usher is suave and sophisticated and knows exactly how to dress to attract the masses of female fans. The singer obviously loves his bling, with large ornate rings and over the top watches but its pieces like this that set him apart from guys all over the world.

Robert Pattinsonor R-Patz as he’s known to his fans has developed his style since his days in Harry Potter. When Robert became Edward Cullen his life and style changed forever. Long gone are the v neck cashmere jumpers, replaced with slick, sharp suits and sunglasses, hiding his vampire eyes from the preying media. R-Patz is currently dating on screen love interest Kirsten Stewart, which may have had an impact on his style with the actress been very on-trend with her love of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Ellie Saab. The actor only wears the best accessories as you can see here with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and tailor made suit.

George Clooney comes in at No. 7 on our list with his old school Hollywood glamour, taking inspiration from classic actors such as Carey Grant and singer Frank Sinatra. George wears a tuxedo better than any man in our list, with his salt and pepper hair and Hollywood smile. The actor is classically good looking and has a timeless way of dressing, sticking to a familiar formula of a suit or tux for red carpet event. If it isn’t broke then why try change it?

Johnny Deppis like marmite to some people, you either love the way he looks or you hate it. Take this outfit for example, some may look at the actor and mistake him for a homeless man, but it is this look the puts Johnny in our list at a credible No.6. He isn’t afraid to dress just how he wants with a bohemian vibe mixed with a French twist given to him by his gorgeous wife Vanessa Paradis. Johnny mixes quirky and cool with his round Chanel inspired glasses and is rarely seen without his hat. I think Johnny was probably at his coolest when he was dating supermodel Kate Moss although he looks terrific now!

P Diddyor Sean Combs, as he is called behind closed doors, is not afraid to flash the cash when it comes to his style and it is this reason we have put him at No. 5 on our list. Puff wears his bling with not a care in the world and why shouldn’t he, he has worked for over a decade to earn his multi-millions. The rapper can be found sunning himself on his yacht on the south of France or partying in Las Vegas, dressed to kill in a sharp suit, complete with waistcoat, strategically placed handkerchief and two large diamond earrings.

Brad Pittis the man that every woman wants to date and the man that every guy wants to be and this is why we placed his a respectable No.4 on our list. Brad works a suit better than any other man in Hollywood. He has a way of wearing the suit and not let it wear him. He takes the usual black suit and turns it on its head by wearing a light grey trousers and teaming it with a crisp white shirt and a matching pinstripe waistcoat. Now Brad has shaved that huge beard of its finally a relief to get the old Brad back to his normal gorgeous self.

Johannes Huebl may not be a name you are familiar with but this German model is the boyfriend of TV star Olivia Palermo and is the only man who can look this good in a pink tuxedo. It was this image that made us put the model at No.3 in our best dressed list. Johannes has the looks to be able to pull just about any style off, including a baby pink tuxedo jacket. He is often snapped on the arm of his stunning New York socialite girlfriend Olivia, wearing matching outfits. Not in the Beckham’s kind of matching but the pair are conscious to match their colour palette when gracing the red carpet.

Justin Timberlake is a singer turned successful fashion designer with his clothing line William Rast and is placed at No.2 in our list. Since his days with N Sync, the boy-band back in the 90′s, Justin’s style has evolved into a mix of urban and kooky. The singer/designer likes to wear his geek inspired glasses and suits with a twist. On days off Justin is at home with skinny jeans, a vintage t-shirt and a beaten leather jacket. When he is performing on stage the singer likes to mix it up and wear superstar bling with cool one of pieces designed especially for him.

David Beckham is crowned No.1 in our Best Dressed List as he is the King of Dressing for both day and evening occasions and with a wife as glamorous as Victoria Beckham it’s no surprise the sports star has more than a clue about the latest fashions. In the first image David is sporting his staple checked shirt but smartens this look up with a grandad style cardigan and tie. Although David always makes his outfit a little bit edgier for example not tucking his shirt in completely. In the second picture the star looks quirky and cool in his bow tie and jeans ensemble. The third look sees David at his most relaxed in his sports gear and the famous beanie to keep his hair all in one place. The last image is what David wears to get the fans melting, a well fitted tailored suit with a waistcoat and hanky tucked into the top pocket. David is rightfully the best dressed man in the world!

How to dress like Selena Gomez

The gorgeous Selena Gomezis still only 17 but is already a style icon across the globe, as well as award winning actress and successful singer. Selena came to fame after staring in Wizards of Wavery Place as Alex Russo. Alongside acting, the actress has now signed a record deal with her band ‘Selena Gomez and the Scene’, releasing hits world wide and recently achieving gold with her album Kiss and Tell. Now Fashionolia can help you achieve that dressed down, casual LA look she is famous for.
Daytime Style
  • Selena is never snapped through the day with her denim, which could be a great fitting pair of jeans, an on-trend denim jacket or some cut off’s to hang out at the beach. Selena keeps the look casual and low key, preferring to keep away from the spotlight. These denim leggings are from Walmart for $12 and can be found at
  • Flip flops are a staple in any LA starlets wardrobe and Selena sticks to plain black to work with all the colours of her day time wardrobe. These gorgeous flip flops can be found at for a great $16.80.
  • For a day time look Selena has teamed her indigo straight legged jeans with a vintage inspired Elvis tee. You can find similar tops at as pictured below, like this Mickey Mouse long sleeved tee for £35.
  • Simple accessories such as small hoop earrings and a black shoulder bag keep the look fresh and not too fussy for a day time outfit choice. The thing to remember is to not over accessorize. This gorgeous tote bag and silver hoop earrings are from Forever 21 for $35 and $4.80 respectively.
  • Selena stays away from products when it comes to hair care, keeping it loose and with a slight curl. In this photograph Selena uses a vegetable wash to create that kill for shine and stays away from the straightners.
Make up
  • Selena has the perfect skin for a typical 17 year old girl with a gorgeous sun kissed glow. If you have less than perfect skin use a light tinted moisturiser for a good coverage.
  • Next step is to sweep a light coral blush over the apples of your cheeks.
  • A sweep of mascara is all you need to open up the eyes because too much eye make up can look harsh for a day time look.
  • The last step is a slick of pink lipgloss for the final touch to create that Selena Gomez look.
Night time style
  • For a sexy, sassy night time look Selena is dressed has been snapped in a ruffled dress, creating those killer curves for her straight up and down figure. This dress from www.boohoo.comfor £21 has the gorgeous black statement neckline, perfect for pear-shapes as it draws the eye up away from the hips and legs.
  • The actress makes the most of her waist by using a large belt to create her hourglass silhouette. This purple waist belt from will create a killer waist, priced at a fantastic £8.
  • Always team heels with dresses for a red carpet event, elongating the legs. These  patent leatherette peep-toe pumps, $22.80, from are the spitting image of Selena’s designer pair.
  • Selena has chosen to sweep her hair into an on trend side bun which is best created with day old unwashed hair. The hair needs to be combed and gathered slightly on one side of the head around the nape of the neck. For medium and long hairstyles the hair can be combed back and pulled into a side ponytail. Part the ponytail in two and twist the two sections around. Twist or knot the ponytail close to the scalp and pin it in place using bobby pins.
  • For a night time event, especially when there are cameras all around, Selena chooses a foundation for more coverage and uses power to set the foundation for an even matt effect.
  • To create those stunning cheek bones, take a bronzer and sweep in a 3 motion starting from the middle working up to the forhead and back down to the jaw line.
  • Here Selena has used a purple eye shadow to match her dress, a look which is very catwalk inspired at the minute. She has used a darker purple in the creases of her eye socket, finishing off the look with a flick of black eyeliner in the inner and outer corners of the eyes and two coats of black mascara.
  • To keep the look still young and fresh, instead of lipstick, Selena has stuck to a pink gloss over her lips such as this one from Victorias Secrets, which can easily be slipped into her clutch and applied again throughout the night and at least with gloss she has no worries about the embarrassment of lipstick on her teeth.