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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dramatic, Inter kick Naples

Foto: Samuel Eto'o bawa Inter Milan menuju semifinal Coppa Italia (Getty Images)
Naples - Inter Milan Coppa Italia was targeting must go through trials that are not easily passed. Faced with Napoli in the quarter-finals stage, Leonardo Araujo farm team was not able to show himself as an aggressive team in the first round during visit at the Stadio San Paolo. Leonardo who commissioned Goran Pandev and Samuel Eto'o to rip the nets of Naples should be more patient.
Why? A number of opportunities gained two bombers were still raw in the early minutes of the game. Not only is Leonardo who had a lot of yelling. Napoli coach, Walter Mazzari too. Tense game ensued during the first half. Offers to buy attack gives its own color in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals.
Napoli who was accompanied by Edinson Cavani and Ezequiel Lavezzi often bring danger in the heart of Inter's defense. Likewise with the tireless Inter demolish Naples. Not yet able to break the deadlock, a glimmer of hope Napoli to win the game comes through Cavani. Players from Uruguay had a chance to thrill nets Luca Castellazzi. However, Cavani who first caught off-side can only see his goal disallowed bowed sluggish referee
Seeing that continue Napoli football lunge writhing, Pandev was getting impatient. He tried to duel in the air. A header directed by Morgan De Sanctis force must act quickly put a halt to the ball. De Sanctis Efforts not in vain, he managed to stop the ball from the header Pandev. Not only Pandev, Esteban Cambiasso started to bother defense Napoli via kick speculation.
In the second half, the game open in the modeling of both teams to steal the numbers first. Napoli victory ambitious package, taking advantage of the situation through the set-pieces. Unfortunately, these efforts can still be controlled well by Castellazzi siga shown enough in the game. Not only that, but Marek Hamsik increasing workload Inter. Determination in boxes of 16, making Inter increasingly overwhelmed.
Hamsik repeatedly tried to penetrate the Inter defender Maicon Douglas raised et al. Luckily, Inter able to appear calm and organized. Napoli and Inter efforts eventually have to stop in time 90 minutes. With the position 0-0, the referee finally play 2x15 minutes extra time. But the two enemies there who can score goals first.
Scenario penalties had to be played to determine who is entitled to advance to the semifinals. Five executioners Inter consisting of Eto'o, Cambiaso, Pandev, Thiago Motta and Christian Chivu successfully completed its mission without blemish. Meanwhile, Napoli have to lament the Inter victory with the score 4-5 after Lavezzi kick bounced over the crossbar Castellazzi.
As a result, four goals are nested executioner Naples, Cavani, Hamsik, Camilo Zuniga and Hasan Yebda evaporated Lavezzi saw the failure to execute the penalty. Victory over Inter Milan booked a ticket to Coppa Italia semi-finals.
Napoli: M. De Sanctis, A. Dossena (C. Zuniga '70), S. Aronica, P. Cannavaro, H. Campagnaro, M. Pazienza (H. Yebda '97), C. Maggio, W. Gargano, M. Hamsik, E. Cavani, E. Lavezzi
INTER: L. Castellazzi, I. Córdoba (Lucio'83), J. Zanetti, Maicon, C. Chivu, A. Ranocchia, E. Cambiasso, D. Stankovic (M. Mariga '63), Thiago Motta, S. Eto'o, G. Pandev

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