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Monday, January 17, 2011

99 Village Trees, Nature Tourism in Depok Konvervasi

Detail BeritaWANT tour while the conservation of nature, came to the village of 99 trees. There are trees and animals can be an inspiration to set goals with your family vacation.
Located in meruyung, Depok. Planting activities that must be put forward in this place. Each child got one type of tree, no trees Jackfruit, Breadfruit trees, and mango.
Destinations are often referred to as the Rusa Village, a shelter for families as well as tourism. The concept is made one with nature, as the name suggests, a variety of tree species thrive here.
There are trees Maja, trembesi, Teak White, Rengas, Kemang, Rubber, and many other rare trees, because almost every day there is always a tree planted. In accordance also with a second nickname, Deer type timorensis live here to breed.
This place is designed in such a way, so that visitors who come to get the atmosphere is really different. Similarly, the activity program. Everything has been designed for children on vacation to get something valuable, which they did not get in school.
After planting, children are usually invited to the Garden Spinach harvest that he was already 21 days.
Planting and harvesting are just a few examples of leisure activities in the village which is located opposite the Golden Dome Mosque this Depok. Alternative treatment with bee stings, also exist.
Well, for parents who take children on holiday, can also try this treatment, or fishing, while enjoying the fresh air with no pollution and noisy atmosphere of the city.
As a fruit-by hand or by can be brought home, the village of 99 trees to sell yogurt fruit (breadfruit, kiwi, orange, strawberry, grape), carcade (Arabic tea), and goat's milk ginger. Not only that, all the menu and the food here is all natural, the result of his own garden.
If you still feel at home with its natural atmosphere, staying alone in a wooden house, the tariff is not expensive, Until now there are seven wooden house which sheltered shade of white oak. Singing crickets, frogs, night birds, and ornaments of fireflies in the darkness manjadikan more peaceful holiday.
Or it could be camping with the family, definitely exciting. Immediately take the family into the street Muhasan II, Kelurahan Meruyung, District Limo, Depok. Enjoy the holidays with various activities in the beautiful nature.

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