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Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoy the Tropical Forests la Alas Purwo

Alas Purwo (Foto: Google)
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WANT to see the natural tropical forest which is oldest tropical forest in Java? Alas Purwo place!
In this area, not only shade trees that are hundreds of years with rare animals that can be encountered along the way the National Park Alas Purwo. 

 Down the road, surrounded by teak forest with an average diameter of 30 cm and a height of 10-15 meters.

Your visit will be welcomed sound of birds chirping trucak bali, trucak green, and other small birds.
Plants that were identified until 2002 there are about 580 species. You will enjoy the beautiful forest kecik sapodilla (manilkarakauki) and manggong the dominant flavor. But there are also other trees like nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), ketapan (Terminalia cattapa) and bulging (stercullia foetida). 

Occasionally you will also find several species of animals and birds, including deer (muntiachus muncjak), long-tailed macaques, langur, jungle fowl, birds kangkareng (antracoceros coronatus), hornbills, and cekakak java, gray (Macaca fascicularisl), deer (cervus timorensis), and partridge (ghalus ghalus), hornbills (buceros undulatus), and peacock (pavomuticus). 

National Park Alas Purwo really old forest, home where the old stories are from comics and film silat immunization kanuragan about people who reinforce their supernatural powers or break away from mundane life. Now the forest area of 43,420 ha would be better protected from damage and hands pengrusak heinous nature. Posted a message, "Nature was submissive to you", a profound message for you who visit here do not try to spoil it. 

National Park Location Alas Purwo could be one of the doors to the beach located at the east end Plengkung narrowed, has a lot of nice beaches silent, distant, far away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist city. 

Indonesia will be proud to have a beach that was one of the best surfing places in the world. Beach Plengkung or G-Land dubbed "The Seven Giant Waves Wonder" by foreign surfers because it has a seven rolls waves up to six meters. 

G-Land or Plengkung Beach offers a professional surfer surfing paradise. The letter "G" to G-Land has three different connotations: first is to refer to the name "Grajagan" a beach and harbor as a place berlabuhnya ships used by tourists to reach Plengkung. The term G-land is also significant because that was in the Gulf Plengkung Grajagan that resembles the letter G. 

Second to "Green" or sometimes "Green Land" because of its location not far from the old tropical rainforest expanse of green. Third is the "G" for "Great" as an illustration for one of the waves are incredible. Of the three different meanings, remain all nicknames are directed to a local name of the beach named Plengkung. 

The uniqueness of the waves in the G-Land is the only broken after one to two km from east to west with a height of the waves can reach four to six meters in 5-minute intervals, so that the surfer can enjoy rolling wave or "barrel" is longer and longer

With the formation of giant waves came after another catch as many as seven layers and layers "go to left" make it suitable ridden by surfers left-handed. This is who makes G-Land became the ideal world of international surfing beaches and one which has the world's best waves. 

In addition to the Plengkung, only in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa who has such terrible waves. Waves in this Plengkung second only to Hawaii that has waves continuously throughout the year. Peak wave in Plengkung only in certain months between April to August. Therefore it is not surprising Plengkung already five times the international surfing arena. 

Bob Laverty and Bill Boyum was the first to try the beach and the waves on the beach Plengkung 1972. Then they set up camp there and surf, eventually known to the world class surfers from different countries. 

In the 1970s, a Balinese surfer named Bobby Radiasa take over the surf camp and manage it until today.

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