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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power of Social Networks on a Brand

Social networking era is in sight now. Have we use it properly? If not, it's time we move to make social networking as a useful medium.
In fact, we can make it as a tool in designing a business strategy with the power of the Internet. Currently, social networking has become part of everyday life.
There is no day without opening your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Up, who did not have his account? From old age, youth, until the children; from wealthy businessmen to builders meatballs. In essence, all social ranks joined in social networking.
In this case, whether the public has realized the powerful role of social networking as a tool or tools they use to reinforce a brand? Today, social networking is not only used as a medium of friendship, but also as a profitable business area.
Many big brand owners, take advantage of social networking as a business enabler it. Like Starbucks, Sour Sally, Walls (Magnum), Coca-Cola, BlackBerry, and many more.
Let us consider examples of successful brands that did not escape the social role of media networks, namely Starbucks. Only with a coffee product that many people actually find anywhere else, Starbucks is able to build up a worldwide empire and become one of the prominent global brand. In fact, many people argue that coffee is not a consumer product that cheap.
Only with a bill with small nominal dollars, should someone be able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee brew. However, it takes dozens of pages to get a cup of Starbucks coffee. How would that work? Of course, Starbucks has had a very strong brand platform. Thus, the strength of its brand can be easily attached to the world community.
But, of course, Starbucks is not immune from marketing strategy through social networking on the rise now to strengthen the empire.
We can see on his web site that presents a variety of information that is very informative and interesting in connection with the products it offers. Furthermore, Starbucks also has a Twitter and Facebook that reach all fans around the world.
This of course made even more popular empire anywhere in the world in a more effective, fast, and easy. The power of social networks to a brand is due to several factors.
First, the social networking needs, including basic human needs. Basically, humans are already biologically configured to socialize, where humans are social creatures who can not live alone.
Second, the spread of an easy and quick to make social networking social networking has become a major driver in building a brand. Social media brings a combination of the scope of the virtual world, in products online services such as blogs, discussion forums, electronic mail (email), website. All that is communicated in it gives the effect of "power" of its own.
Therefore, the basis of technological development and also "a variety of media interaction" which communicated with text, pictures, photos, and audio and video without having to be limited distance to get the information directly. Finally, build a strong brand is not solely through social networking. The brand must have its own differentiation considering the tight competition at the moment.
Building a differentiation should be done by finding the essence or soul of a brand. Thus, it can be applied and translated to the visual through an interesting way. Furthermore, translated and distributed through social networking sites (as tools) that can speed up and simplify the marketing of a brand.

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