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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cannavaro INFECTING Professionalism in Dubai

Fabio Cannavaro.(foto:Reuters)
Name Fabio Cannavaro can not be separated from kesukesesan Italy grabbed the World Champion title at the World Cup 2006 in Germany. Not surprisingly, the same year diamenganugerahinya title as the best player.
Now the big name former players Parma, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Juventus are dimmed with age. 1973-born players who started a professional career in Naples is currently enjoying the twilight of his career at Union joint Arab Emirates club Al expert who defended since last summer.
In an interview with, Cannavaro revealed his experiences since settling in Dubai. Here petikannya.
After success in Europe how your life in Dubai?
I really enjoy. It's a beautiful city and lots of interesting things. I settled in Al Nakhla and my kids also love it. This incredible experience for me and my family after 20 years in professional football.

What about soccer in the emirate and the region in general?
Football thrive in the UAE. Many talented young players and club management better than ever.
What a difference playing in Europe and the Middle East? Do you see any important developments in football in this area?
The difference with football in the west and in the Middle East in Europe that you have to play every week, so it is more physically draining. You must have excellent fitness if you want to keep playing all year. That's not the same as here, where the frequency of play is not too dense and soccer like activity without pressure. We can see this game grow in coming years, it is necessary to follow the proper steps.

2010 was not a successful year for the Italian national team. How do you feel when looking at what is happening in South Africa?
We do not have enough time to mingle, with many young players on the team. I think many who feel the pressure so great, while a number of core players such as Pirlo, were injured.

Did Italy get up? What do you expect from new coach Cesare Prandelli?
Our generation is the best. Italy must now begin to raise young talent if you want to win the World Cup. It does take time, but Prandelli is a good coach in dealing with young players.
Pensions in the national team in 2010, did you miss it again?
Yes I miss playing for Italia.Saya spend a career with the national team and one of the top players to defend the national team. But the time to stop has arrived.
2006 you lift the trophy after winning the World Cup. Four years later in Johannesburg, you also hold the same trophy, but another moment. How he feels?
I was asked to hand over the trophy was proudly because it reminds me of a brilliant night in Berlin. Moments in 2006 makes me not want to ever forget.
Still follow Italian football?
I'm still excited following the match in Italy and Spain. But after years of pressure, now I am happy with the new experience in Dubai.
You won the award for best player at the FIFA 2006.Apa you remember about that experience, because you are the only defender to win the prestigious award?
That's a very large awards, especially for me as a player bertahan.Ini positive achievement in my life, but it also means fans can always expect the SAA to stop the opponent in every game, it would have done the impossible every defender, to do it alone.
You make a charitable institution with Ciro Ferrara, Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation. Can be told what to build?
The Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation was established to provide support to Naples, the city where I was born. We feel we have extended assistance to people in our town, especially to those in need.

What is your target with Al Expert 2011 in this year?
My goal could be a role model for local players. They must learn that professionalism is the way to success. I keep practicing over the holidays at my age is already 37 years old, I wanted to show young players that practice is important. Al Expert is a very ambitious club and they were helpless in the right direction, I hope I can contribute to the club on and off the field.

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