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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sensation White Smoke Peak Mahameru

Detail BeritaIntrigued with white smoke air, forming a mushroom charming? You can see the activity in Peak Mahameru.

Mount Semeru in the conservation area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park-(TNBTS). Administratively, the government was in 4 regions of Malang Regency, Lumajang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, East Java and. The peak of Mount Semeru Mahameru altitude 3676 meters above sea level, is the tallest volcano on Java.

Natural beauty of this mountain is so charming mountain climbers. Moreover, every interval of 15 minutes once a heavily top Mahameru Jonggring Seloka material issued in the form of volcanic ash eruptions. Periodic eruption was a natural event that is very interesting and rare.

On the morning peak Mahameru always out white smoke like a stretch cotton that can we see when we are at the Peak of Mount Pananjakan, Bromo area. If we see from Mount Pananjakan, shapes such as cone of Mount Semeru. But while we're at peak, the shape of a broad dome with a route heave at every cliff top.

Besides the natural beauty and fungi smoke, Mount Semeru also has an interesting story that developed in communities around the area TNBTS, including the area of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang.

It was said of Mount Semeru in East Java Province, originally derived from Indian lands because of the island of Java at that time had a very unstable soil and the soil is always moving so the Guru as the supreme leader of the gods of the gods ordered soon Mount Semeru to move from his native land, a land of Nepal (India) to the east of Java Island. So with the transfer of the land of Mount Semeru Nepal to Java can be used as a strong peg for the island of Java, the land is not moving again. It is narrated in the book Tantu Exhibition.

Mahameru peak is believed to be a holy place, because it is inhabited by the gods as a castle. In Hinduism's most sacred place is where if it is located at high mountain. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island is the Palace of the Gods seklaigus in song lyric god.

Inside Books Arcopodo Mahameru a legend is left, Peak Eternal Gods. According to Hindu teachings practically the mountain is to serve as the palace of the gods because it is higher than other mountains. Mount Semeru as tall as Mount Kailasa in India or Gunung Agung in Bali.

It is said that Peak Mahameru believed to be the Palace of Lord Shiva. On top of this mountain ascetic god Shiva. Apart from Mount Semeru, Gunung Agung was Lord Shiva meditated and equally didiaminya. Lord Shiva was angry when the island of Bali which is also an island of the gods and holy places have been in the bomb. The gods angry because its natural has been destroyed by man and his anger is evidenced by the activities of Mount Semeru recently.

To climb to the summit of Mount Semeru there are several hiking paths such as path-poor Tumpang, point-Lumajang Sendoro. We are advised not to climb Mount Semeru in December to February, because in these months the wind is very strong and frequent storms.

In the area of Mount Semeru is a matter of course when all the way to a peak often occurs quite thick fog especially during the day, afternoon, and evening. To reach the peak, we must first pass through several routes such ascent toward Watu Rejeng Ranu Pane which takes about 2 hours climbing trip.

From Watu Rejeng us continue the climb towards Ranu Kumbolo takes about 2 hours climbing trip with scenery so beautiful pass Permits and charming. Kumbolo Lake Ranu is a very spacious and beautiful with friendly flowing water coming from the valleys, and green trees add a special attraction.

From Ranu Kumbolo forwarded to the Kalimati journey takes about less than 4 hours through the 'Rise of Love "with the uphill route and quite exhausting. It is said that if the past is a pretty uphill climb, we advised not to turn round. Kalimati is a larva of the former site of the former flow eruption of Mount Semeru, which already dry. From Kalimati us continue the climb towards Arcopodo which is the last route before reaching the peak Mahameru.

Arcopodo is an area on the slopes of Mount Semeru and here we can set up camp before continuing toward the summit Mahameru. Usually the way to the top done in the early hours of Arcopodo so that we can reach the peak of the morning as well so that we can see the sun rises in the Peak event Mahameru.

From Arcopodo to the top of the street began to dry and sandy with a slope close to 70 degrees. Necessary caution when passing this point because of the rock beneath which we prone to landslides. About 3 hours climbing we will reach peak or crater Jonggring Mahameru Saloko.

On the morning of the summit we will be treated Mahameru natural attraction that is very interesting and rare events sunrise. From Crater Jonggring Saloka could clearly be seen rising sun from the eastern horizon that slowly will sweep the fog that blanketed the mountains around Mahameru. And the sun that woke from his sleep of natural painting presents a beautiful and charming.

In addition, other natural attractions that are served by the Mount Semeru is a natural event that bursts of ash and volcanic rock that preceded bursts of black smoke soared as if enveloped Mahameru of Crater Peak Jonggring Saloka.

TNBTS has a mountainous rain forest vegetation types, evergreen mountains, and grassland vegetation. Plants that live in the area of Mount Semeru other inter Pine Mountain (Casuarina Junghaniana), Sengon (Paraserienthes falcata), Ria Suren (sureni Toona) and Tree Eidelweiss.

Various types of animals that live in mountain regions include monkey Black (Presbtys Cristaka), grouse (Dendrocigna javanica), Deer (Cervus timorensis), pheasant, and pork. In Lake Ranu Kumbolo easy to find grouse.

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