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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thousand Years of Age Chair Found in South Sumatra (ilustrasi)
Pagaralam - Residents Talangkubangan Hamlet, Village Kancediwe, District of South Dempo, Pagaralam Town, South Sumatra, returned to find megalith stone chair which was estimated to be thousands of years.

The discovery of these objects are in the seven daughters of the waterfall which is about two kilometers from the hamlet Talangkubangan, District of South Dempo, yesterday. Megalith stone surrounded by the mountain looks like a dining chair. Ali (45), inventor of the megalith which also owns coffee plantations, said the location of the discovery of coffee plants grown so much recently found a seat.

"The location of the discovery of this megalith is two kilometers from the hamlet Talangkubangan or one hour walk through the cliff and coffee plantations," he said.

Chairs stone size of 50 x 50 centimeters and 50 centimeters high and 50 centimeters wide. Such stones are considered sacred by some people because it often appears beautiful princess in the rain that accompanied the sun. In fact, some residents Talang often dreamed Princess Trimurti.

"In addition to already be a story passed down through generations, giving the name of Trine as are many residents who dreamed of a princess who claims the name," he said.

Since the discovery, there has never been relevant parties have come to do examinations or research. "We do not know what this chair is intentionally made by human hands long time ago or just a natural phenomenon. But, a lot of strange things when the stone was moved or shifted, "he said.

Indriastuti Kristantina Kilkenny Archaeological Institute, said the discovery of stone megaliths seats still need to study the truth. "To ensure the time and what kind of megalith stone seats it needs to do more research. But if you look at the shape, of course megalith was already thousands of years old so hopefully people continue to guard it well, "he said.

Meanwhile, office workers working area BP3 Jambi Jambi, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, and Babylon Akhmad Rivai said, quite a lot of megalith, statues, or other historic relics scattered in the area Pagaralam and Lahat.

"We are immediately taking steps, including acquisition of land owned by local people and do the fencing in some locations the site," he said.

Head of Tourism, Arts, Culture Pagaralam Syafrudin added that currently the majority of tourism assets are still many who claimed to belong to local residents. As a result, the difficulty rehabilitate and build tourism facilities, including the discovery of megaliths in areas far from downtown. He revealed, are now found in hundreds of thousands of megaliths and natural attractions that are spread in Pagaralam.

"For the discovery of megalithic now the Department of Tourism has established cooperation with various parties to conduct data collection. I am sure the thousands of megalithic already found, there are many more discoveries that have not been kind statues excavated, especially in remote areas remote villages, "he admitted.

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