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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unique Melon Harvest UGM 1500

YOGYAKARTA - Around 1,500 species Gama melon Melon Basket (GMB) and Melody Gama, who planted in the garden of Education, Research and Development of Agriculture, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM KP4) today harvested. Of this amount 1,000 is a kind of melody Gama and the rest kind of GMB.

According to Lecturer Faculty of Biology, Dr. Budi Setiadi Daryono, who is also researcher fruit, melons are harvested was the result of pilot plant by December 2008. To date, at least it has managed to harvest the melons are as many as seven times. GMB is the result of crosses of various types of melons available in various countries.
According to him, GMB become the best varieties that result from a variety of cultivars or varieties that are developed in the crosses. Based on the genetic code, GMB is a cross between varieties of TC4 and F2B5. Both types of code that breeding is a combination of local melon and melon imports. TC4 cultivar that is what the color orange in fatty fish such as salmon.

"From start pioneered planted until now have our first harvest as many as seven times," said Budi on the sidelines of the harvest in KP4, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, on Thursday (08/07/2010).

He added, melons are currently being pursued to obtain certification from the Ministry of Agriculture seed has many advantages over other types of melons such as the Astros (Korea), Glamour (Japan) and Action (regular). Melody Gama 1 and GMB are more resistant to diseases, especially fungal and viral flour. Betakarotin contain high vitamin C and taste sweeter.

"The advantage over a lot because it is more resistant diseases and pests, more sweet, its a lot of vitamin C and contain betakarotin," he explained.

In addition, from the time of planting until harvest, added Budi, was also relatively more rapid or early maturing, which is about 57 days. Yet for others to be able to harvest melons takes about 65-75 days. "This is while there is no appeal from the time we average about 10 days faster than other types," said Budi.

The average weight of between 1.7 to 1.95 kg melon GMB while for Melody Gama weighs about 1.8 to 2.2 kg. KP4 melons grown in this area occupies 3,000 m2. In addition to the melon-melon KP4 are also being tested in order to get certified seeds multilocation like in Magetan, Ciamis, Purwokerto even Lombok.

"Weight average than other types of melons. Currently, he also planted in other areas such as Ciamis, Navan, Lombok, and Magetan, "he said.

Recognized Budi from the technology to produce melon seeds Indonesia is still behind compared to other countries like America, Thailand and Korea. Yet in his view Indonesia as an agricultural country should be independently associated seeds. "Hopefully the November 2010 certification melon seeds Gama GMB and melody can come down so that later can be used immediately," explained Budi.

On the other hand Budi added that the melon-melon that is harvested today will also be exhibited at the UGM Research Week at the Graha Sabha Pramana (GSP) from December 12 to 17 July 2010.

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