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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flood Gowa Hanyutkan Three Houses

Ilsutrasi (Ist)
Gowa-Sunarti (35), staring blankly at the banks of the stream. The house has been occupied for decades with her husband, son, daughter and grandson were gone taken Balang Malino River flows.
To Okezone with tears in her eyes, Jamaluddin's wife was admitted, his house drifted approximately at 11.00 pm. At that time the swift water flow. Once before, Rustinah and family had left their homes since the evening.
The reason, sekiar at 20:00 Tuesday (1/11/2011) of water had entered their house in the form of houses on stilts. "Water up to chest height in the house Wednesday night was my time. In fact, my house was a stage. Kolong home approximately three feet tall. Our house was not far from the River piggir Balang Malino," said Rustinah, Wednesday (12 / 1 / 2011).
Rustinah admitted losing almost all his household. Fortunately, after the river water flow washed away his house, still left a few items that did not come drifting.
"Our home form of a half wall and half the building board. So there are still some closet that held water under the house. Also finished. Fortunately, six people in the house survived all. We left the house using a tire at the start of Wednesday night's flooding," he said .
Rustinah and family became one of dar three families who must be willing to lose his home. They are citizens Bontolae Hamlet, Village Lonjo'boko, District Parangloe, Gowa, approximately 40 km south of Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi.
Two other houses that float belongs Said Ramli and Daeng Minte. The third house was situated on the banks of the River Balang Malino not far from the Bridge Lebong. Lebong bridge itself becomes a meeting place of two large rivers flow, River and River Jeneberang Balang Malino.
"Flooding occurs due to heavy rain that fell continuously since Tuesday. But the meeting of two great rivers that flow also trigger a rise in river water. Flooding like this is the third time in seven months," said Tajuddin Dolo Parangloe District Secretary who met on the sidelines Okezone refugees flood victims.
Tajuddin expect immediate government assistance for the victims arrived. "In the meantime they live in tents, or ride on the nearest neighbor that is not affected by flood water," he said.
The three houses were swept away part of the 14 houses in a submerged Lonjo'boko. In addition, at least 40 hectares of paddy fields ready for harvesting submerged as well. "Forced to rice crop failures earlier this year. Hopefully, they could be steadfast and strong," said Tajuddin.

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