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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Gain Popularity on YouTube

In this modern era, the Internet is an ideal media to gain popularity. People can easily upload their videos on YouTube and get attention from people worldwide. So far, there are many popular singers started their popularity from YouTube and Justin Bieber is one of the examples. He gained more popularity after uploading his performance videos some years ago. These videos were found by Scooter Braun, a talent manager who finally contracted Bieber.
The stories about Bieber or other singers who gain popularity on YouTube encourage people to upload their videos on this site too. Thousands of people upload their videos on the website and expect that they will be more popular through the videos. If you are really serious to gain popularity from this site, then you need to design your videos as good as possible. Try to find unique content to present and pay attention to technical aspects like sounds or lighting. Here I have some tips to be popular from YouTube:
1. Conduct research about videos that gain the most attention from viewers. Usually, humor videos get high rating from YouTube viewers. This research will help you find a topic that has higher chance to get attention from viewers.
2. Know your talent. Try to get to know more about yourself and the most potential talent that you have. If you have talent in presenting comedy, just make videos about humor. If your talent is playing musical instrument, record your performance when playing the instrument. You can present your performance in a unique way to get viewers' attention.
3. Create videos with good lighting and sound. Pay attention to these technical aspects is important as viewers will scrutinize it.
4. Create video series and have an ongoing dialog with the viewers about these videos. It is suggested that the videos should be humorous and controversial to gain support from viewers. This technique is a good way to build relationship with your viewers. Mocking of popular culture is usually a topic that viewers love the most.
5. Show your videos to people around you. If they say that your videos are not entertaining enough, create other unique videos to upload. To gain more viewers each day, ask your YouTube friends to subscribe to your video blogs.
6. Change your angle to give some variety on your videos. Your viewers may be bored to view a five-minute video in the same angle.
Learning some important tricks is important before going to the video battle. When you upload your video on YouTube, you compete with people from around the world to get attention from viewers. Therefore try to show your talent in the best way and create your videos as unique as possible.

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