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Aku adalah binatang jalang yang menghembuskan angin kedinginan. apa pun bisa kita lakukan, biarkan Hayal mu melambung tinggi menikmati sensasi lambda sehingga hayalmu menembus batas, bangun ketika kau mulai lelah akan semua, bakarlah dinding-dinding yang membuatmu tidak mempunyai waktu untuk membuka sensasi Lamda. masih ingatkah kita pernah bercerita tentang puncuk-puncuk lambda di ketinggian 200Hez aku telah menemukan seluk beluk lambda. Mari bersama menembus batas normal, yang akan membuka tabir mimpi menjadi kenyataan. aku lambda yang membagunkan dengan Argumentum ad populum, wujud nyata, ilusi, melayang maya membuka tabir biru menjadi sir Lamda

Friday, January 27, 2012

Whassup: Death of a Paw Edition

Jaguar Love at Southpaw, 2008 (by Dig the Well)
With the news of the Slope's old-school music venue Southpaw closing, I'm gonna list you one Southpaw show until the place croaks Feb. 20. But, never fear if even sentiment won't get you into their be-stickered walls, there's plenty else in the 'hood to do. Welcome to Whassup: Death of a Paw Edition: 
* Friday, Jan. 27: Singer-Songwriter Night, Roots Cafe: South Slope java shack, Roots, is an impossibly cozy and neighborhoody place to fill up on caffeine and MacBook juice. Most of the baristas are also musicians, and so the little spot hosts an equally cozy singer-songwriter review most Fridays. Stop in, pick up a bag of Stumptown, and stomp your boots. 8pm, FREE. 
* Saturday, Jan. 28: SomethingatSouthpaw, Southpaw: This week, it's one of my favorite regular events that (hopefully) will find a new home: Dig Deeper, a monthly showcase of old soul and R&B. Eula Cooper croons with one of the series' house bands. 9pm Doors, $12.
* Sunday, Jan. 29: Mac 'n' Cheese TAKEDOWN, Bell House: Matt Timms' Takedown amateur food competition returns covered in melted milk mold. I've just given you perhaps the only disgusting description possible of mac 'n' cheese. Every other description is delicious. And even that one was a little delicious, admit it. Come sample 25 noodle and dairy preparations from 25 NY chefs -- and vote for the awesomest. And eat way too much. 2pm, $15.
* Sunday, Jan. 29: Meatball Cookoff, Uncle Barry's: If mac 'n' cheese sounds a little to vegetarian for you, A) you might be from Texas, B) here's your chance for the meat course: admission gets you a chance to wrap your lips around all nine delicious, tender balls (what?) and suck down (what??) a 16oz. Dale's Pale Ale draft. 5pm, $10.
* Monday, Jan. 30: Sackett Reading Series, Bookcourt: The Sackett Street Writers' Workshop, started by Slope resident and Iowa MFA grad Julia Fierro, started a reading series last year. Its second incarnation hits Bookcourt today. Come on, you know you want to be able to tell people, "I'll have to DVR that -- I'm going to a READING." 7pm, FREE.
* Thursday, Feb. 2: Story Collider "Science Teachers," 92nd Y: Park Slope's own science storytelling series Story Collider ventures into the vast, skyscrapered wilderness across the river to produce a night of stories about and by science teachers. Educators who probably believe in evolution and global warming: it's like an anti-GOP debate.  7pm, $12.

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