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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beware, Your Looks Speak Volumes For Your Health

As the equation goes-- Good Looks = Good health! So good health defines a very attractive and youthful appearance, that exudes beauty and personality. Believe me, your looks speak volumes for your health. How would you like to have flaws and blemishes like facial lines, pigmentation or acne? Or hair loss, bulges of cellulite, unsightly finger nails and skin rashes, signaling underlying health issues?
Lurking beneath your skin's surface, are these tell-tale signs:-
  • Hair loss - Yikes! What is that glob of hair stuck to my hairbrush? Hair thinning could be a sign of a hyper thyroid or hypo-thyroid hormone. Check your thyroid hormone with a blood test.

  • Wrinkles can possibly be signs of osteoporosis. Are they rattling out your bones? Research reveals that furrows and a grooved-mouth are associated with bone health. Do you know that the worse the wrinkling, the greater its risk of less bone density? Predisposing to this process, is excessive exposure to the sun and cigarette smoke.

  • Yellow eye discolouration - Your eyes are the windows to your health. If your conjunctivas are yellow, what do they signal? Hepatitis or Liver cirrhosis!

  • Facial flush - Looking red in the face has nothing to do with embarrassment, facial redness with skin sores are symptoms of Rosacea--a chronic skin condition.

  • Have you heard of a butterfly rash? It can stretch across both cheeks in a shape of a butterfly, having an appearance of sunburn. This is a classic sign of lupus erythematosus, an auto-immune inflammatory disease--affecting the skin, joints, blood and tissues.

  • Cracked lips may be due to allergy, medication or infection. However, cracking at the corners of the mouth could possibly be an immune system disorder causing dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin and joints pain.

  • A foul mouth - Can your mouth be saying nasty things about your health and bones? Loss of tooth can be a sign of osteoporosis, just as missing teeth can mean the density of your jawbone is unable to support a mouthful of pearly teeth.

  • Body hair - Increased hair growth in women of child-bearing age, is caused by a polycystic ovary syndrome. It can cause absent menstrual periods or irregular periods and even infertility!

  • Pitted nails, discoloured or deformed, may point to some health issues. Pitting is purported in people with a type of Arthritis and a genetic skin condition. Whereas, nail changes are common in Psoriasis.

  • Large hands and feet or prominent foreheads and protruding jaws are signs of Acromegaly, which is a hormonal disorder occurring in adults.

  • Swollen feet - Certain diseases like heart failure and kidney failure are liable to make your legs, ankles and feet swell. Poor circulation is the cause of fluid retention in your body and legs.

  • Dark skin patches - People with insulin resistant Diabetes and obesity, can develop them which look like they are crying out for some scrubbing!
Mary Lee Scully (Author)
Blogger: User Profile: maryleescully
Do all these raise your awareness to your looks? Do they sound an alarm bell to your health? Look at yourself in a long mirror and see if it reflects back a shinning, youthful and gorgeous look... that portrays an incredible good health!

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