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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Guide to Wearing Skinny Jeans for Any Occasion

There are few items of clothing as versatile as a pair of skinny jeans. A fashion favourite for many years, the style doesn't seem likely to exit the spotlight any time soon. With their flattering shape and comfortable fit, slim fit jeans are just a total crowd pleaser. Wear them dressed up or down for a variety of occasions including business settings.
Many offices nowadays see it as completely acceptable to work in jeans, provided they're not the revealingly ripped kind, covered in loud logos or a pair of slouchy worn out favourites you've had for years. You also have to be careful about what you wear them with so as not to look too casual.
Tight jeans in a smart looking denim fit the work profile to a tee. Teamed with a simple blouse and cardigan, the look is prim and proper. Topped off with accessories such as a scarf, pearl jewellery and loafers or court shoes, you have yourself an excellent 21st Century office look. While you may not be wearing a skirt, the cut of the jeans shows off some the best features of the female body just as well.
Nights out
Slim fit denim is made for taking you from day to evening. Available in smart enough styles to satisfy most bar, restaurant and even club dress codes, you can go from desk to drinks in no time. Substitute your more conservative blouse and cardigan combo for a low cut top and sequined blazer. Throw in a pair of glamorous heels and you're good to go. This sensible approach to dressing for a night out will also get you home warmer, and makes any potential walk of shame the next morning far less awkward.
You might be attached to or accustomed to wearing your trusty pair of boyfriend jeans or chinos but cigarette jeans are a comfortable alternative as they're so stretchy you sort of forget you're wearing them. Worn with a cosy vintage jumper and a pair of plimsolls, you can be bang on trend without even trying. For a lunch date or cinema visit, swap the jumper for a graphic T-shirt and blazer, and accessorise accordingly.
Cultural events
Smart skinnies are a perfectly viable wardrobe option for art exhibitions and openings. See them as a blank canvas and do your magic to create an edgy and original appearance. Look to vintage fashion for inspiration on how to go about achieving an arty look. Try seeking out a retro sequined blouse or a floaty shirt in a vibrant colour and the all important accessories. Extravagant headwear and brooches are incredibly effective pieces for jazzing up a low key outfit. Shoes with some added sparkle can also make you stand out in a crowd.
Most importantly, take your time to select a perfect pair of slim fit jeans. The right choice that can be worn in all above mentioned situations could save you from many future wardrobe dilemmas. See a pair of quality skinny jeans as an investment and don't be a scrooge.

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