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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Shopping for Clothes on Sale Won't Save You Money

A 50% off sale. Suddenly everything on the rack looks pretty good because you're going to get it a such a great price.
But then, you remember that acid green makes you look ill. And that boxy style doesn't suit your body type. Not only that, but you'd need to have it altered because it doesn't fit quite right.
Yet a little voice in your head is screaming "BUT IT'S ON SALE!"
A 50% off sale can cause a 50% drop in IQ. It's a little like being drunk. The "on sale" part of your brain has disabled the rational parts. Your decision-making skills go haywire, and you start making excuses to yourself for spending money on an obvious blunder, just because it's on sale.
It's time to talk back. Remind yourself, as one client of mine should have, that you already have 20 red t-shirts that you bought on sale and you don't need another one.
Tell yourself you don't really need the mauve jacket that clashes with the earth tones in your closet AND your skin.
Add that you know why these clothes are on sale in the first place: They represent the mistakes the designers created and the stores bought into; fads that don't look good on anyone, ugly prints, colors that are hard to wear, styles that only suit one body type.
And, most of all, say this repeatedly: "I'm worth full price." Because you are.
Instead of buying a mistake on sale, spend your money on a few well-chosen quality pieces that you'll really wear. That means each one has to be: a) the right color, b) a style that looks great on you, c) well-fitting, and d) goes with at least two items currently in your closet.
If you can find that on sale, snatch it up immediately! If not, look for what you need at full price.
Here's why: Consider that a jacket you buy on sale for $10, and wear only once, costs $10 per wearing. But, a jacket you buy at full price for $100 and wear 100 times because it's perfect for you and your wardrobe, costs only $1.00 per wearing.
So which one is the real bargain? That's right! Lower price per wearing wins every time. Keep that in mind the next time you feel lured off track by a 50% off sale.
Your closet will thank you. Your mirror will thank you. And, most of all, your wallet will thank you.

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