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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tips for Finding Small Shoes and Large Shoes

Having petite feet is often perceived as feminine but finding petite sized shoes for an adult can become difficult as small sized women's shoes are often hard to find. Petite size shoes are made - shoe manufacturers produce shoes in a wide range of different widths and sizes. The reason that smaller than average sizes shoes are often difficult to find is because high street stores do not order them on a regular basis like normal sizes because there is not a perceived demand for shoes in smaller than average sizes for women with small feet.
Women with small sized feet are not as fortunate as their average foot sized friends believe they are. Women who wear a shoe size 1 may find the correct size shoe and may find it in an adult style shoe that they like but a common problem often encountered is that the shoe is often too wide may still be too much of a wide fitting shoe for narrow and dainty feet. I have often heard it said that it is easier for ladies that require a large sized ladies shoe to find shoes than it is for those unfortunate to be a below average sized shoe to find stylish and chic shoes in an adult size and not have to resort to shopping in the children's range.
There are a few shops I am aware of that can be classed as speciality shops and do feature clothing specifically above and below what are considered normal and average sizes however such shops are very niche targeted and do not often have a wide range of clothing and shoes available in stock or on display.
Shopping for women's petite size shoes can be ardous sometimes but do not immediately dismiss high street chain, sometimes the size you require can be ordered specially if it is available. If you are really lucky they might even have one in stock. If you order a specific product that is not in stock but can be obtained from suppliers you might have to pay a small deposit or even the full amount.
An option that I would definitely recommend is to shop online for anything that may seem hard to obtain from high street stores. Online shopping and the use of search engines to find things that used to be difficult to obtain really has been a lifeline for many people with individual requirements, whether you have large size feet or extra small feet there is a wealth of information and e-commerce sites that are returned each time a search query is entered. The major drawback of shopping online for footwear, in any size, is that you are unable to actually try on the shoes and decide if they fit correctly and often it can be the case that those gorgeous shoes you viewed online are not as good as they looked. Try to ensure that if you do order anything online such as footwear or clothing that the company has an adequate returns policy and does not affect your statutory rights.
A few advantages of shopping online, especially for specialist and niche products, is that it is very convenient and can often save you a lot of time that could have been spent seeking what you want to purchase. Google is now actually a word in the Dictionary so feel free to Google away and find what you want and need. Online is often a very competitive marketplace for merchants too so you may be able to pick up a bargain and may even be able to enjoy free delivery so whether you have large or small feet, wide feet or thin feet there will usually be an online merchant that is attempting to fill a niche in the market.

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