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Friday, January 27, 2012

Best Place to Buy Plus Size Jeans for Women

In general, women look alluring in jeans, and that applies to plus size women, too. This brief guide about the best places to buy plus size jeans for women will help to make your next shopping spree a breeze.
Shopping online has become so common nowadays that a growing number of people now prefer to shop online. There are many reasons for this, but at the top of the lists are convenience and steep discounts, compared to what brick-and-mortar retailers in town could ever offer.
Many retailers are aware that the World Wide Web (WWW) is a giant cash register and the number of potential customers is virtually infinite. That is why many retailers, especially established ones, now have online presence to tap this huge market.
That is all dandy for plus size consumers of course because they are now spoilt for choice. The number of patterns, styles, shapes, prices and colors are mind-boggling. All one has to do is sit in front of the computer and then pick-and-choose at your convenience. You won't have to worry about eyeballs following your every step, unlike in retail stores.
But the problem with online shopping is that it is sometimes quite difficult to tell the genuine and scam operators apart. If you buy from the wrong establishment, you can kiss your hard-earned money goodbye. To help you resolve this problem, I am going to tell you four top retailers which you can patronize when shopping for plus size jeans for women.
(a) Delias - Looking for jeans which can fit a size 18? Delias is well worth a look. They have a nicely laid-out catalogue which you are free to browse online till your heart's content. Delias has a wide collection of jeans, and their offerings, in terms of colors, are also quite wide. Forget about searching for Delias in your city because they only have an online presence.
(b) Fashion Bug - If you are into style and affordability, Fashion Bug is a good starting point. Yes, their selection might not be as extensive as some online fashion stores, but their jeans are stylish and affordable. Unlike Delias, you can find Fashion Bug stores nationwide, that is if you are still skeptical about shopping on the Internet.
(c) Torrid - Similar to Fashion Bug, Torrid sells both online and in brick and mortar stores. The prices of their jeans are slightly on the high side but one of their competitive advantages over their competitors is that they have jeans ranging from size 12 to 28, and in a gamut of styles and colors. Shopping at Torrid is cool because their interface is user-friendly.
(d) Lane Bryant - Like Torid and Fashion bug, Lane Bryant started with physical stores and expanded into cyberspace. This retailer is very popular, especially among teenagers. But be careful with your pick because there have been complaints that their clothes are baggy and at times tight in the wrong places. But such grouses are mostly isolated cases. In general, they are well worth a look, especially in terms of styles and price.

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