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Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrity Men

We are bombarded with images of impeccably dressed men from day to day in magazines, on the Internet and blazing across our television screens, but what Fashionoliahave done is compiled our very own ‘Best Dressed’ list so you don’t have to. We have scoured the high and lows of celebrity dressing and have brought together what we think are the top ten best dressed males in celebville. Some may be well-known, some may be new faces but each man has one thing in common…a fabulous sense of style!

Orlando Bloomkicks off our Top Ten Best Dressed with his unique take on casual dressing. Take away these accessories and Orlando is simply wearing what any male would wear on a day to day basis, with his baggy jeans and layered t-shirts. Add a black trilby hat with black ribbon and this charm necklace and this look goes from mundane to Hollywood. Actors always seem to have an eye for unusual objects, this necklace looks vintage and means Orlando comes in at a fashion filled No.10.
Usher‘s urban take on fashion makes him No.9 on our list. The singer has a great knack of knowing just how to put an outfit together as you can see from the image above. The plaid shirt with the waistcoat and jeans look super stylish and topped off with the hat and tan leather belt, this look is pulled together perfectly. Usher is suave and sophisticated and knows exactly how to dress to attract the masses of female fans. The singer obviously loves his bling, with large ornate rings and over the top watches but its pieces like this that set him apart from guys all over the world.

Robert Pattinsonor R-Patz as he’s known to his fans has developed his style since his days in Harry Potter. When Robert became Edward Cullen his life and style changed forever. Long gone are the v neck cashmere jumpers, replaced with slick, sharp suits and sunglasses, hiding his vampire eyes from the preying media. R-Patz is currently dating on screen love interest Kirsten Stewart, which may have had an impact on his style with the actress been very on-trend with her love of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Ellie Saab. The actor only wears the best accessories as you can see here with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and tailor made suit.

George Clooney comes in at No. 7 on our list with his old school Hollywood glamour, taking inspiration from classic actors such as Carey Grant and singer Frank Sinatra. George wears a tuxedo better than any man in our list, with his salt and pepper hair and Hollywood smile. The actor is classically good looking and has a timeless way of dressing, sticking to a familiar formula of a suit or tux for red carpet event. If it isn’t broke then why try change it?

Johnny Deppis like marmite to some people, you either love the way he looks or you hate it. Take this outfit for example, some may look at the actor and mistake him for a homeless man, but it is this look the puts Johnny in our list at a credible No.6. He isn’t afraid to dress just how he wants with a bohemian vibe mixed with a French twist given to him by his gorgeous wife Vanessa Paradis. Johnny mixes quirky and cool with his round Chanel inspired glasses and is rarely seen without his hat. I think Johnny was probably at his coolest when he was dating supermodel Kate Moss although he looks terrific now!

P Diddyor Sean Combs, as he is called behind closed doors, is not afraid to flash the cash when it comes to his style and it is this reason we have put him at No. 5 on our list. Puff wears his bling with not a care in the world and why shouldn’t he, he has worked for over a decade to earn his multi-millions. The rapper can be found sunning himself on his yacht on the south of France or partying in Las Vegas, dressed to kill in a sharp suit, complete with waistcoat, strategically placed handkerchief and two large diamond earrings.

Brad Pittis the man that every woman wants to date and the man that every guy wants to be and this is why we placed his a respectable No.4 on our list. Brad works a suit better than any other man in Hollywood. He has a way of wearing the suit and not let it wear him. He takes the usual black suit and turns it on its head by wearing a light grey trousers and teaming it with a crisp white shirt and a matching pinstripe waistcoat. Now Brad has shaved that huge beard of its finally a relief to get the old Brad back to his normal gorgeous self.

Johannes Huebl may not be a name you are familiar with but this German model is the boyfriend of TV star Olivia Palermo and is the only man who can look this good in a pink tuxedo. It was this image that made us put the model at No.3 in our best dressed list. Johannes has the looks to be able to pull just about any style off, including a baby pink tuxedo jacket. He is often snapped on the arm of his stunning New York socialite girlfriend Olivia, wearing matching outfits. Not in the Beckham’s kind of matching but the pair are conscious to match their colour palette when gracing the red carpet.

Justin Timberlake is a singer turned successful fashion designer with his clothing line William Rast and is placed at No.2 in our list. Since his days with N Sync, the boy-band back in the 90′s, Justin’s style has evolved into a mix of urban and kooky. The singer/designer likes to wear his geek inspired glasses and suits with a twist. On days off Justin is at home with skinny jeans, a vintage t-shirt and a beaten leather jacket. When he is performing on stage the singer likes to mix it up and wear superstar bling with cool one of pieces designed especially for him.

David Beckham is crowned No.1 in our Best Dressed List as he is the King of Dressing for both day and evening occasions and with a wife as glamorous as Victoria Beckham it’s no surprise the sports star has more than a clue about the latest fashions. In the first image David is sporting his staple checked shirt but smartens this look up with a grandad style cardigan and tie. Although David always makes his outfit a little bit edgier for example not tucking his shirt in completely. In the second picture the star looks quirky and cool in his bow tie and jeans ensemble. The third look sees David at his most relaxed in his sports gear and the famous beanie to keep his hair all in one place. The last image is what David wears to get the fans melting, a well fitted tailored suit with a waistcoat and hanky tucked into the top pocket. David is rightfully the best dressed man in the world!

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