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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to dress like Selena Gomez

The gorgeous Selena Gomezis still only 17 but is already a style icon across the globe, as well as award winning actress and successful singer. Selena came to fame after staring in Wizards of Wavery Place as Alex Russo. Alongside acting, the actress has now signed a record deal with her band ‘Selena Gomez and the Scene’, releasing hits world wide and recently achieving gold with her album Kiss and Tell. Now Fashionolia can help you achieve that dressed down, casual LA look she is famous for.
Daytime Style
  • Selena is never snapped through the day with her denim, which could be a great fitting pair of jeans, an on-trend denim jacket or some cut off’s to hang out at the beach. Selena keeps the look casual and low key, preferring to keep away from the spotlight. These denim leggings are from Walmart for $12 and can be found at
  • Flip flops are a staple in any LA starlets wardrobe and Selena sticks to plain black to work with all the colours of her day time wardrobe. These gorgeous flip flops can be found at for a great $16.80.
  • For a day time look Selena has teamed her indigo straight legged jeans with a vintage inspired Elvis tee. You can find similar tops at as pictured below, like this Mickey Mouse long sleeved tee for £35.
  • Simple accessories such as small hoop earrings and a black shoulder bag keep the look fresh and not too fussy for a day time outfit choice. The thing to remember is to not over accessorize. This gorgeous tote bag and silver hoop earrings are from Forever 21 for $35 and $4.80 respectively.
  • Selena stays away from products when it comes to hair care, keeping it loose and with a slight curl. In this photograph Selena uses a vegetable wash to create that kill for shine and stays away from the straightners.
Make up
  • Selena has the perfect skin for a typical 17 year old girl with a gorgeous sun kissed glow. If you have less than perfect skin use a light tinted moisturiser for a good coverage.
  • Next step is to sweep a light coral blush over the apples of your cheeks.
  • A sweep of mascara is all you need to open up the eyes because too much eye make up can look harsh for a day time look.
  • The last step is a slick of pink lipgloss for the final touch to create that Selena Gomez look.
Night time style
  • For a sexy, sassy night time look Selena is dressed has been snapped in a ruffled dress, creating those killer curves for her straight up and down figure. This dress from www.boohoo.comfor £21 has the gorgeous black statement neckline, perfect for pear-shapes as it draws the eye up away from the hips and legs.
  • The actress makes the most of her waist by using a large belt to create her hourglass silhouette. This purple waist belt from will create a killer waist, priced at a fantastic £8.
  • Always team heels with dresses for a red carpet event, elongating the legs. These  patent leatherette peep-toe pumps, $22.80, from are the spitting image of Selena’s designer pair.
  • Selena has chosen to sweep her hair into an on trend side bun which is best created with day old unwashed hair. The hair needs to be combed and gathered slightly on one side of the head around the nape of the neck. For medium and long hairstyles the hair can be combed back and pulled into a side ponytail. Part the ponytail in two and twist the two sections around. Twist or knot the ponytail close to the scalp and pin it in place using bobby pins.
  • For a night time event, especially when there are cameras all around, Selena chooses a foundation for more coverage and uses power to set the foundation for an even matt effect.
  • To create those stunning cheek bones, take a bronzer and sweep in a 3 motion starting from the middle working up to the forhead and back down to the jaw line.
  • Here Selena has used a purple eye shadow to match her dress, a look which is very catwalk inspired at the minute. She has used a darker purple in the creases of her eye socket, finishing off the look with a flick of black eyeliner in the inner and outer corners of the eyes and two coats of black mascara.
  • To keep the look still young and fresh, instead of lipstick, Selena has stuck to a pink gloss over her lips such as this one from Victorias Secrets, which can easily be slipped into her clutch and applied again throughout the night and at least with gloss she has no worries about the embarrassment of lipstick on her teeth.

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