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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking Good For Your Church Directory Photography Session

If you have a scheduled photography session for your church directory, it is essential to know some of the things you can do to ensure that your shots turn out great. Whether it is for the church directory, a magazine ad, or even a family portrait for the living room, it is still a visible representation of you and your loved ones. Thus, it must look good at all costs. Here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that you and your family's true essence is captured.
Before the day of your photo shoot, make sure that all of the props you intend to use are prepared and in good condition. Make sure to inform your photographer about these props so he may have an idea of what he will be working with. Also, show your photographer your props once you get to the studio, so that your photographer will be able to incorporate them into your photos nicely, making lighting and background adjustments if need be.
Choose the style of the portrait and dress up in order to match the style. It is advisable to wear comfortable but presentable clothing, so that you remain in a cheerful mood. Try to avoid bold colors or extreme patterns when it comes to clothing, for these will only take the attention away from your faces.
If you like, you can keep your glasses on. A few years back, glasses had to be removed to avoid lens glare. Today, though, professional photographers along with modern equipment can eliminate this glare. More so, if you wear glasses daily, people will recognize you more easily when they look in the church directory.
Keep the hairstyles simple and keep the makeup natural. If these elements are too extreme, tendency is that they divert attention away from your face. And besides, a Gothic look may be inappropriate for a church directory photography session. If you are due for a trim, do it at least a week or two beforehand so that your hair may grow back to a more natural look. If hair and makeup supplies won't be provided, bring your own for touch ups.
Ask the church directory photographers for some advice about posing. Ask to see some of the previous shoots they've undertaken, and see what poses are appropriate. Make sure your clothes and props match with your poses too, so that your portrait won't look cheap and rushed.
Lastly, do not worry too much about age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes. Church directory photographers are trained professionals. Their job is not just to take your photo, but also to make you look good. There is nothing a little digital magic can't fix.

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