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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thinsulate Gloves - All You Wanted To Know About Them

Winters can be severely harsh sometimes and most of us never want to take our hands outside jacket pockets. But since that is not a possibility, we use gloves to keep our hands warm; and the best choice for comfortable and warm gloves are Thinsulate gloves.
If you are not aware of what exactly Thinsulate is, then let us enlighten you. Thinsulate is a material developed by the 3M Company in the late 1970's. It was manufactured using fibres 15 micrometres in diameter- thinner than polyester. The result was a fabric that was thin and a better insulator. The insulation was provided due to the higher amount of air being trapped in the smaller space between the thin fibres of Thinsulate gloves. More air trapped in a small space makes the fabric a better insulator and hence the Thinsulate gloves are better than the rest. These gloves are not only thinner and lighter, but are also highly breathable gloves that allow for more warmth and moisture wicking. For those engaged in outdoor activities or sports like skiing, snowboarding, Thinsulate gloves are perfect.
There are many benefits of Thinsulate gloves that the wearers have pointed out time and again. These gloves have a unique design that makes them much warmer than other parallel gloves presently available in the market. The design is not only better in the terms of comfort, but also provides adequate safety against extreme winters. The basic and the most important benefits of these gloves are:
Lightweight - Most gloves are often quite bulky due to the thick fibres needed to keep them warm. But not so in the case of Thinsulate. These gloves are far lighter in weight, less bulky and give the wearer more comfort. This makes these gloves an excellent choice for people active in sports.
Hypoallergenic - You must know that since Thinsulate is a hypoallergenic material, it is a safe and comfortable choice for most people.
Durable - You won't have holes in your Thinsulate gloves. They are made from synthetic material, and are a quality product. They will protect you for many winters without suffering any damage. Durability is one of their biggest advantages.
Breathable - They have high moisture wicking properties that make them highly breathable. So if you are indulging in any winter sports, your hands will be comfortable and dry all the time. You won't have to take off your gloves and wipe the sweat off your hands.
Moisture Resistant - In case you are caught in snow, they will protect your hands and will not let them get wet.
There are various types of gloves that are made using the Thinsulate technology making them more functional and useful. You can choose from the highly popular Leather Thinsulate Gloves. These gloves are made with supple deerskin, and are a dream combination of the durability and comfort of leather with the insulation of Thinsulate. Another choice of gloves is the Thinsulate Fleece Gloves. If you want the same comfort at a lesser price, then Thinsulate fleece gloves are your best bet. These gloves are really lightweight, water resistant and comfortable. But be prepared to buy new ones after some time as they are not as durable as leather gloves. Thinsulate Fingerless Gloves are often the best choice for those planning to do outdoor chores or going fishing. These gloves give you all of the dexterity of bare hands while keeping your palm warm.

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