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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Eat at a Restaurant With Your Children (And Maintain Your Sanity)

Just about everyone has been there. You are sitting in a restaurant and someone's kids are acting up, screaming, being loud and unruly, and just simply causing a ruckus. Is it possible to take your children out to eat without losing your mind? It is actually easier than you might think.
Children learn by doing, so if you want them to behave while you are out and about then you need to require that kind of behavior at home. Children who are obedient at home are rarely different out in public. Teaching your children to act with decorum in public begins with teaching them to act properly at home.
That being said, there are strategies for minimizing meltdowns and temper tantrums when you are out at your favorite restaurant. If you plan ahead, make your expectations known and follow through with your discipline plan you can look forward to many meals in peace.
Planning ahead requires more than a quick call for a reservation or tossing a pacifier in your bag. If you know you are going to be eating out that night, make sure your children get adequate rest in the afternoon. Kids are more likely to be compliant when they are not sleep deprived. Pack your bag (or purse) with a few kid-friendly snacks and some toys to keep them occupied. Older children can color or write while they wait for their meals. If you are eating later than normal, feed your children a snack so that they are not over-hungry and cranky because of it.
If your children are at least two, then they are able to understand and follow through with your expectations for dining in a restaurant. Talk with them before you leave the house and let them know what you expect from them. Take a quick moment in the parking lot before you get out of the car and remind them about your chat. Then, while in the restaurant, give small gentle reminders about your expectations. If they are doing well, praise them and tell them that you are so glad they are listening and obeying. If they neglect to meet your expectations, then you need to implement whatever discipline you typically use.
Following through is very important when training your children to listen and obey. Praising them for positive behavior goes a long way to reinforcing those good deeds. If they obey while eating at the restaurant, consider rewarding them for it. A new sheet of stickers or small trinket can be an excellent reward for this type of thing.
You do not need to avoid eating out until your children are older. Simply take the time to teach them how to handle the situation and you can be enjoying meals together like this on a regular basis.


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