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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bake Pops - Move Over Cakes, Bake Pops Are Here To Stay

Are you planning on having a children's party for your daughter's birthday? Would you not like to make it a colorful, enjoyable, delicious treat for the children? If so, how about baking and serving yummy bake pops, loved by children of all ages, but sadly out of reach of most of them because of their fancy prices like $2 to $3 in Starbucks or bakery shops. These look like lollipops, but are, in fact, cakes, with a wonderful taste and pretty looks. They are also called cake pops, cake balls, or even balls on a-stick, and are adored by children. In view of their exorbitant prices in retail outlets, why not follow a few simple steps and bake them yourself, save costs, enjoy making them and let the children splurge to their heart's content?
Bake pops making is neither an intimidating task nor is it a time-consuming one, if you follow the simple baking plan underlined here. In fact, your innovations and ingenuity can turn out better quality bake pops at your first attempt, than those pricey ones in the market, and you will have the children scrambling to get their share of these delicious treats, which seem to cry out, "move over cakes, and make way for bake pops." Here's how you would ideally execute your bake pops baking and finishing plans.
a) First prepare a list of all the equipment and ingredients.
b) Buy a bake pop pan, at a discount price, online, from their website, and avail the frequent offer of "buy one, get one free," and this should not only render your job easier, but also save you valuable time. Using it is very rudimentary, especially with your preferred cake mix, which comes conveniently, packed in a box.
c) Now, mix your cake mix properly, and fill in the pan. Close the lid and bake it in the oven for the specified time and temperature. After the pan is extricated from the oven and the pops from the pan, insert the sticks, and decorate at will.
Here again, the traditional method is first baking a cake, crumbling it, adding frosting to an optimal level for moisturizing the mix (to allow the sticks to stay when inserted), refrigerating the mix for 30 minutes, rolling into the shape you desire. Then, pop in the sticks and decorate or to caramelize the pops, or even Chocó-dip them as you like.
The general opinion, however, is that, though the tastes are similar, the first method is a better one, because the pops come out evenly rounded from the pans, every single time, and look cuter and are easy to decorate.
For your child's birthday party, make sure the menu appeals to her taste buds, and you must further ensure especially that the bake pops are flavored to ensure that your child and all her friends go passionate about it. Remember, on that day your daughter is undisputed queen!
The bake pop resembles a lollipop, only they are bigger. Use the opportunity to make them in sufficient quantities to cater to all the children and adults present for the party. The success of your endeavor lies in the wonderful way you decorate them, and for this, be innovative and use all the items available, like chopped nuts, Chocó chips, candy sprinklers, flaked coconuts, and even try Chocó dipping or caramel dipping. Your guests will enjoy the mouth-watering taste of these enjoyable bake pops

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