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Aku adalah binatang jalang yang menghembuskan angin kedinginan. apa pun bisa kita lakukan, biarkan Hayal mu melambung tinggi menikmati sensasi lambda sehingga hayalmu menembus batas, bangun ketika kau mulai lelah akan semua, bakarlah dinding-dinding yang membuatmu tidak mempunyai waktu untuk membuka sensasi Lamda. masih ingatkah kita pernah bercerita tentang puncuk-puncuk lambda di ketinggian 200Hez aku telah menemukan seluk beluk lambda. Mari bersama menembus batas normal, yang akan membuka tabir mimpi menjadi kenyataan. aku lambda yang membagunkan dengan Argumentum ad populum, wujud nyata, ilusi, melayang maya membuka tabir biru menjadi sir Lamda

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do You Hate Spiders? Looking For a Spider-Phobia Treatment?

If you hate spiders, don't think you are the only one wanting phobia treatment for fear of spiders. You hate spiders for a variety of reasons and it could be any of the following.
You hate spiders because:
- Of their wretched shape. This makes you feel numb and wiry.
- Of fear of spiders in general. No known root-cause.
- You were frightened as a kid with spiders
- You just hate insects
There could be other reasons for your fear of spiders. If you are looking for phobia treatment to conquer this, read on.
Accept that spiders are God's creation. Just like you are God's creation!
You are tuned to perceive beauty as a symmetric arrangement of anything. But spiders are completely against any symmetrical arrangement. They look plain ugly. Accept the fact that creations in the world vary by size and shape.
Get Educated On These Insects
To conquer your fear of spiders, an effective phobia treatment is to get educated on them. Read an encyclopedia on the evolution of the spider. Get to know their lifestyle, their finer points, and unique traits. Once you understand this, you are in a position to appreciate what they are capable off. And let them pass off peacefully whenever you see them.
Try Spider Toys
Buy a spider toy. Play with it. Touch it. Walk it. Talk to it! Slowly you become more accustomed to the shape of the spider. And when you see a real spider, you are not startled as before. By doing this you are more comfortable with the form of the spider.
Conquer Your Fear Head On
Look at a spider in its eyes. It may not be the best thing to do at first, but it can be effective. Look at spider photographs - on the Internet, on television, and in magazines. Look at them live. Look at their shape and form. Try to absorb their form. Try to level your emotions against these visuals. Once you achieve that, then your phobia treatment for fear of spiders ends here.
The best way to go about it is to stop and stare at a spider. When you see a spider on the wall, just look at it till your fear starts to recede. Do not get startled with the spider's sudden movements. It may not be attacking you. Just trying to lap up a bug for dinner!

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