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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Healthy Vending in Schools Is the Way Forward for Children

Children are less healthy now than only a few generations ago. This is clearly not a good thing. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet are detrimental to health and if bad habits are learned at an early age, they are difficult to break and can lead to diseases that are linked with obesity and inactivity, which can ultimately lead to debilitating illnesses and premature death.
Outdoor activities are less common than they used to be with pupils preferring TV and computers to getting outdoors. It is not unusual for older children and teenagers to return from school or college and spend the majority of the evening indoors glued to a monitor.
A significant contributing factor to the health of children is the food and lifestyle they adopt at school. Making a change for the better there can be a really useful way to help tackle the nation's child health problem.
Luckily, things are now moving in the right direction and within the school environment, catering has changed significantly, thanks to campaigns by people such as TV chef Jamie Oliver, and there is an emphasis on getting kids outside, exercising and eating more healthily.
Snack time is also changing. Schools are slowly moving away from traditional snacks and cans of coke and offering something a little different.
Healthy vending machines are one way of providing pupils with healthy food and drink when they want a snack or need to re-hydrate. The vending machines at schools and colleges also help to reduce queues at lunch and break so free up a bit more time for staff.
Schools and colleges can fill the vending machines with their unique selection of products or the stock can be provided by the vending company including anything from salads, fruit, juice and sandwiches. The machines are very reliable and offer cold storage for freshly prepared items.
Water coolers are another healthy vending option and they can be see as the evolution of the water fountain. Chilled water is dispensed on request to keep the pupils hydrated throughout the day and so in peak condition for learning. Fresh water is delivered to top up the dispenser and the used bottles can be taken away and recycled.
With an increased emphasis on outdoor and physical activities, in conjunction with healthier school meals and healthier vending, things are looking up for children
With a healthier lifestyle being encouraged at school, children can learn better in lessons and also become used to healthier food and drink choices that they can carry through out of the school environment and also into later life.
By Rebecca G Wishford.

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