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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strauss-Kahn toast with Brunello in Manhattan. Here are all the contradictions of the maid

Strauss Khan

STRAUSS-KAHN: HAS THE LIBERATION toast with a BRUNELLO - He toasted with a Brunello di Montalcino Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who has dined at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan in his first night of freedom 'after the withdrawal of the arrest. Accompanied by his wife Anne Sinclair and a couple of friends, former director of the International Monetary Fund has reached the edge of an SUV with tinted windows the Scalinatella, a well-known local del'Upper East Side between 61st and Third Avenue frequented by Madonna. LDK has ordered ham and melon, pappardelle with truffles, a slice of cheesecake and a coffee '. A couple sitting at a table near him, and is recognized and 'congratulated him. The former French Minister of Economy, who was wearing a dark jacket and was escorted by bodyguards, and 'appeared relaxed and smiling in front of photographers lurking under the house where he took home in New York. But they have not responded to reporters' questions. Yes and 'treated the first hours of freedom' after his arrest May 14 on charges of sexual assault made against him by a waitress at the Sofitel in Times Square, on which doubts have arisen during the investigation. Since then, the LDK 62enne had spent a night in the police station, four in solitary and the rest under house arrest.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ARE NOT FINISHED PSF EMBARRASSMENT Sarkozy - Nicolas Sarkozy's employees are not concerned about a possible return to the track of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for the 2012 presidential elections, 'cause believe that would only increase the embarrassments in the socialists. It 'as reported by Le Figaro. Elisha has officially maintained a line of privacy on the matter, but the French daily Presidential staff believes that commentators have "cleared" too quickly, the former Director of the IMF because 'the fact that the accuser is not credible for his past does not mean that the allegations have not occurred. No fear, however, if it is right to challenge LDK Sarko 'next year, according to an adviser, the French would have difficulty' to vote for a candidate who "has sex with a waitress in a hotel room."


strauss kahn
Strauss-Kahn returned to freedom, accompanied by his wife (LaPresse photos)

Allegations of strupr former director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, did not stand and the French economist and 'back in freedom'. A freedom 'probation, with restrictions, but that' to allow 'to return to his home in Washington but can not' leave the United States waiting for a new trial scheduled for July 18. Strauss-Kahn will regain 'paid back the security deposit equal to one million dollars more' 5 million bond, but not the passport held by the U.S., and is still accused of rape until it will be 'completely exonerated of all suspicion . The court of New York announced the 'turning point' in an audience by surprise today, which lasted 10 minutes, the judge acknowledged that the circumstances "have changed in substance." The attorney Cyrus Vance, who read a statement without responding to questions, said that "the allegations of the alleged victim have raised doubts about his credibility, '" and that therefore the investigation is continuing.

At the base of the rethinking of the judges so the contradictions emerged, the 32 year-old from Guinea Ophelia Famotidine has indeed provided false testimony to the jury on the time of the alleged incident. In his speech the prosecutor, Kenneth Thomson, however, has pointed out that the waitress admitted that he had given false testimony by omitting the fact that after the alleged assault by Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Room 2806 of the hotel, would clean another or even three other rooms so postponing 'the complaint in the time of the accident to the supervisor of the hotel. But not enough. To do scorched earth around the credibility 'of the woman was the New York Times that prosecutors no longer believe' in the woman's testimony. Investigators have recorded a telephone conversation with the waitress a prisoner in jail for possession of 400 grams of marijuana in which we discussed the possible advantages arising from his charges to 24 hours after his meeting with LDK. The man at the other end of the phone is on a list of individuals who have made a series of bank transfers in favor of women, for a total of 100 thousand dollars over the last two years.


strauss kahn

Strauss-Kahn torna in libertà, accompagnato dalla moglie (foto LaPresse)

La prigione d'oro di Strauss KahanLE IMMAGINI
According to the investigators also Ophelia bills paid each month by hundreds of dollars to five different telephone companies. The waitress had argued that his request for asylum was mentioned, an earlier rape that would have been in Africa for a gang. He even lied to denouncing one more child for tax deductions in the U.S. and claiming that her husband died of starvation and violence in Guinea in prison. It claimed to have suffered genital mutilation, but this is not there 'track. LDK's defense would also have a photo where the woman, who claims to be Muslim, drink alcohol in a feast. The former French Minister of Economy had always admitted that he had sex with the woman but insisted it was consensual. The news of freedom 'probation granted Strauss-Kahn did, however, draw a breath of relief to the Socialists. His release and '"a relief" said the spokesman of the opposition party, Benoit Hamon. While shouting at once and to promise victory to complete the acquittal, the former leader of the Fund 'was a prestigious lawyer: "We made a giant step today - said Benjamin Brafman, also known for defending Michael Jackson against charges of pedophilia -. We have asked the world not to rush things and do not pull conclusions. We think now that the next step is to rid Dominique on all charges. "

strauss kahn cameriera420
I possibili volti della cameriera

A real earthquake, which just a month and a half from the sensational arrest could reopen for racing games even the Elysee. And now, the gauche and 'into overdrive for the possible return of LDK: July 13: Deadline for submission of applications for primarily social in October. For now, the favorites were Martine Aubry, and that 'officially nominated a few days ago, and Francois Hollande. Hollande has already 'said he hopes that the charges are withdrawn. While you Aubry and 'wished that the U.S. Justice finally face each other and that the light from the French economist come out of his nightmare.

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