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Sunday, July 3, 2011


donna india

The government of Rajasthan, northern India, offers prizes to those who become sterilized. Anyone receiving this type of action by September 30, will compete in a raffle to 21-inch TV, appliances, motorcycles and even a "Nano" small car the national symbol of the automotive industry. Those who enroll in the program is sterilized. And the draw. But not necessarily win. "We were afraid of not being able to achieve the goal of 21 thousand sterilizations per year, so we had this idea: we hope to sterilize 6000 people over the next three months," said Pratap Singh Dutter, a public health official in the district of Jhunjhunu in the north Indian state.

According to census data released in March this year, India is destined to overtake China and become, by 2030, the most populous nation in the world. The country has an average index of fertility (the number of children birth to each woman on average) of 2.588 (data from UNFPA, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities). The figure indicates a significant growth rate of the population, although the average fertility index is down from 1990 (it was at 4.0).

india women
It is not unusual for India include the sterilization of men and women as a solution to population growth. In the 70s there were already fields of family planning where many people, often unconscious, they were brought to undergo a "minor operation" in exchange for money or food.

And in 2006, public school teachers were forced, by a ruling of a magistrate, on pain of suspension or dismissal, to promote sterilization among students and their families. It happens in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Third class for employees of the Department of health and medicine, the decision looked at the minimum to be achieved in ten people, while for the village chiefs of the district numbers were not made public, reported AsiaNews, the agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME). The Indian Catholic Church condemned sterilization program, considering it "unacceptable and contrary to divine law and morality", in the words of Msgr. Stanislaus Fernandes, Secretary General at the time of the Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI), again as reported by AsiaNews. For women already sterilized who lost their children in the tsunami in Tamil Nadu state decided instead to grant free of charge to the reverse sterilization in public health facilities.

Finally in 2008, Madhya Pradesh, the government tried to entice men to be sterilized with the promise of a gun: it was decided to offer a weapon as a symbol of power just to keep people was undergoing surgery to lose in believing virility that way.

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