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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Co2/ Greenpeace scatena le 'guerre stellari' contro Volkswagen

But no green image. Volkswagen is opposed to two fundamental European laws for the protection of the climate of rising targets for reducing emissions and more efficient cars. And it does every year by spending millions of euros to fund lobby groups that prevent Europe from raising the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, from 20% to 30% by 2020. And 'the accusation that the German carmaker Greenpeace against which has just launched a mega-international campaign, which has collected 26 thousand signatures in just ten hours.

"The campaign - Greenpeace activists explain - is active in 10 countries including Italy and wants to highlight the failure of the Volkswagen with the facts substantiate the image of a company of friends and families involved in terms of environmental responsibility ".

A report explains how Volkswagen
• Uses its enormous political clout to lobby against some crucial laws to protect the environment;
• It has reduced the fuel consumption of its vehicles at the rate required by the other competitors, although it presents its mark as a brand "green" and claims to want to be "the car maker the world's most eco-friendly" ;
• It has introduced its technology at lower greenhouse gas emissions - the 'Blue Motion - as a standard option in car production, which significantly increase the level of efficiency of its vehicles, helping to save its customers.


"The car with low fuel consumption and emit less CO2 than they save. Volkswagen has always been opposed to raising the standards of efficiency, but breaking our dependency on oil is a necessity. As the first automotive company in Europe, VW greatly affect emission and has a great environmental responsibility. That has to change and support ambitious standards, from now on "The activities all continue. "Volkswagen says it wants to be the 'manufacturer of eco-friendly cars in the world', but its more efficient models in 2010, they represented only 6% of its sales. It has the technology to do much better than this: must strive to produce only vehicles 'oil free' by 2040. "

The protest of the association has had as central London. Inspired by "Star Wars" and an advertisement of the same highly successful German car, dozens of activists dressed as Jedi and his friends launched their attack on the Black Death that threatens to destroy the planet. "Volkswagen - said Andrea Borasco Greenpeace - has spent millions and millions in its new spot, using his childhood and the iconography of Star Wars to persuade consumers to being a responsible company. There will not, then, Now if we take its advertising tactic to point the spotlight on its poor environmental performance. "

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