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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Birth 21 June 1982 (age 28)
St Mary’s Hospital , London ( United Kingdom )
Wedding of Prince William
In fall 2002 , William had left the dormitories of the University of St Andrews and moved in with three friends in a luxury apartment in the Scottish city. Among his roommates, Catherine Middleton , whom he was close over the months, until their relationship is formalized at Christmas 2003 . Since then, the two young men continued to share the apartment time to finish their studies in June 2006.

The young woman, daughter of an industrial English, in vain that no drop of royal blood in her veins, she has succeeded in endearing himself to the demanding House of Windsor . On April 14th 2007 we learned the couple separates. He is reuniting a few months later.
On 16 November 2010 , Clarence House , the residence of the Prince of Wales, announces that William and Kate got engaged in October in Kenya and they should get married during the year 2011.
Marriage is celebrated April 29, 2011 at 11 am (local time) in Westminster Abbey . On this occasion, the Queen granted them the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Strathearn and Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus.

The wedding day was an impressive mix of what makes Britain great – traditional and modern. The wedding guests formed a cross-section of modern British society: socially active people, active and former servicemen and women, religious figures, musicians, athletes and people from the home town of Middleton.

Millions of people around the world watched this “dream wedding” on television or even had come to London to be there right to enjoy the mood and cheer the couple during the carriage ride through central London. Details for the wedding and travel route information includes the DirectGov website .

VisitBritain offers special tours at where places acquainted can all Interested which the weddingscouple important were for and are.
The wedding day was declared a public holiday in Britain. On more than 4000 colorful street parties two million Britons celebrated exuberantly with their neighbors.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton sets up a charitable fund, because they pay into the everyone who wanted them for a wedding gift. Was donated via a special website . The recipient organizations are given in five categories for which the two have special interest: art and sport for a better life, promoting development opportunities for children, help and care at home, support for soldiers and their families, and preserving nature for future generations.

with videos and photos for fairy tale wedding of the year gives information at the Royal Wedding Official website through Twitter @ ClarenceHouse at Facebook and Flickr . Pictures of the wedding by the British royal family as iPod downloads made available. The wedding was via live stream to the Royal Channel on YouTube to transfer.
Prince William & Kates first kiss – Royal Wedding 2011
With the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating 2012, the 60-year reign of the British Queen, and the Olympic Summer Games in London in 2012, two other major events in the UK before. The following short film say artists, journalists, architects, chefs, designers and many others who are from all over the world in Great Britain has become home, why they enjoys it as well and like the openness, dynamism and creativity of the country for their personal professional and artistic success has contributed.

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