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Monday, August 8, 2011

Victoria's Secret Secrets

Certainly Victoria's Secret belongs among the most prestigious brands female underwear. The products are highly desirable, and every fashion show is strongly expected. Today, Victoria's Secret has about a thousand stores in United States only, in addition to the fine products we can find the list of the world's greatest supermodels, which have been or are still their angels such as Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Helen Christensen and Heidi Klum. Although the name of fashion house is the synonym of seductive lingerie, it also offers other types of clothing. This time we will not talk about their fashion collections, but we'll string some facts you may not know.

Founder of Victoria's Secret died at the Golden Gate Bridge

Roy Raymond created Victoria's Secret in 1977, the first supermarket opened in Palo Alto, California. Then followed the opening of some stores and online catalog creation, in 1982 the company was sold to Limited Brands, which led Victoria's Secret to worldwide fame. Raymond business was going down and soon he found himself right before the bankruptcy. He was last seen alive when he walked on the Golden Gate, but over time his body was washed up on shore waters Marin County. Police closed the case as suicide.

Name of Queen Victoria

First trade were to conjure up Victorian boudoir, a place where the ladies of high society once had to put on the makeup. Raymond named his company after Queen Victoria. As is known in her life she gives birth to nine children. That was until 1861, when her husband suddenly died, some sources indicate.

Each one can't become an angel

Director of Marketing at Victoria's Secret Ed Razek recently said for a famous Celebrity magazine that every month they have to rejected a number of Celebs who desire to become Victoria's Angels. "It's a product that is the result of intensive work and careful selection," said Razek.

They choose Angels by suggestions of females around the world

Believe it or not, when they are choosing the angels, they relay in the taste of ladies, not men. The cause is likely to be found in the fact that in Management Company are mostly ladies. Two angels who are among the most famous models in the world, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, are loved many women as they are charming and with their feet on solid ground.

Make up on butt

Before the fashion show models get make up thoroughly throughout the body, applying make-up powder on their body for at least an hour. Before that, more than five hours they are dealing with the regulation of hairstyles and facial makeup.

Victoria's Secret Secrets

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