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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Conveniently Located Memphis Furnished Apartments Help Busy Professionals Experience the City

Make sure to mix a little adventure into your business trip when you visit the home of the blues, Memphis, Tennessee. This historically rich city has several attractions that you cannot miss out on. Even better, some of these attractions are within walking distance from some Memphis furnished apartments and corporate apartments! Below are just a few of the unforgettable sites to experience while visiting this amazing city:
  • Beale Street Entertainment District: The Beale Street Entertainment District is where the Blues was born by William Handy ("Father of Blues Music") in 1909. The creation of this soulful music rightfully lead to Beale Street being the number one tourist attraction in the state of Tennessee. Visit all the shops, restaurants, and famous taverns including the iconic Coyote Ugly Saloon on the lively street of Beale. To top it off, you can experience the city like a local by staying at a corporate apartment which is located less than a mile away!
  • The Gibson Beale Street Showcase: No visit to Beale Street would be complete until you visit The Gibson Beale Street Showcase! Make sure you take the offered intimate guided tour of this historical guitar factory where Gibson joined up with Memphis's own B.B. King to give birth to the Lucille model guitar in 1980. Watching Gibson's skilled luthiers crafting these legendary guitars is sure to create memories that you will never forget.
  • Pink Palace Museum: Experience firsthand the rich history the southeast has to offer by visiting the Pink Palace Museum. Walk through a replica of one of the very first self-service grocery stores in the country, the famous Clarence Saunders' Piggly Wiggly! Each year the Pink Palace has had over 240,000 visitors experiencing all the cultural and natural history of the Mid-South. With numerous exhibits, dioramas, and audio-visuals, visitors will learn about the development of Memphis from the time of Spanish explorers to the Civil War. Be sure to also visit the several other historical museums and centers available by the Pink Palace including their CTI IMAX Theater!
Remember, these are just a few of the numerous historical activities and lively entertainment sites the city of Memphis has to offer. There are even some Memphis furnished apartments within walking distance of these must see sites! So take some time out of your business trip to take a tour around the city, you cannot miss out on the experiences this souful and lively city has to offer!

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