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Friday, February 10, 2012

Brian Michael Bendis - Award Winning Comic Book Writer

Brian Michael Bendis is a critically-acclaimed writer who is well known for his self-published Image and Marvel comic book series. He is responsible for many Marvel Crossovers in the mainstream superhero genre including Secret Invasion, Secret War, House of M, and the very popular Ultimate Spider-Man, in which he is still working on today. He has been consistent with his writing and he seems to have the maids touch because over a decade now his works have sold considerably well.
Altogether he has received many awards including:
Five Eisner Awards
a Cleveland Press Award
Wizard Magazine Best Writer of the Year Award from 2000 through 2003
three Comic Buyers Magazine Awards
E3's People's Choice Award for Activision's Ultimate Spider-Man
and the 2010 Inkpot Award
Here is an interview on Bendis' popular take on Daredevil
Brian Michael Bendis was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 18, 1967. He was raised in a strict Jewish household and attended a private Orthodox school for boys until adolescence. Even at a young age he yearned for a career in comics and even confided in friends when he was 13 years old that he would be the next "George Perez". Later, his wife Alisa would become involved in his work while running their business, JINXWORLD, through which Bendis publishes both his independant and Marvel Comics work. He now lives with Alisa and their two daughters in Portland, Oregon
Bendis wanted to be a comic book writer ever since he was 13, and as he was growing up he idolized those within the industry including John Romita Sr, John Romitat Jr. Klaus Janson, and Jack Kirby just to name a few. He was eager to break into comics, and knew that his passion would drive him to those goals. Although he is known for many of his superhero comics today, Bendis was first influenced by the quirky and artistic styles of film-noir comics. When he studied the important, unique rules of crime stories within comics through works such as Visions of Light, it would later influence his creativity in his later comics to come.
Brian Michael Bendis is one of those select few prodigious writers who has really put his mark on history this past decade. He has revolutionized the industry through his innovative writing, and skillful storytelling. Many believe that comic books aren't in the modern age anymore, but in the post-modern age. If you take a look at some of Bendis' best known works, I'd say that he has achieved much recognition and acclaim in that age, which is another ability he has-to recognize where comics are at in this stage of life, and to adapt to the audiences liking to their favorite stories. He will go down in history as one of the greats because his works show it.
Here is a look at many of Brian Michael Bendis' popular works.
Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man
Marvel's Daredevil Run
Marvel's Secret Invasion
Marvel's Seige
Marvel's Secret War
Image's Torso
Image's Sam and Twitch
Image's Jinx
Image's Powers

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