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Monday, May 30, 2011

Opposition should Jolly Well Lose the next GE!

Photo: Baby Monkey & Old Monkey eating bananas

I will make this simple reading as I understand political leaders will be too busy to read my bs (too busy eating bananas to come down from their perch?)

(I hope) Leaders of PKR, Kita & whathaveyous will pretend to care by reading on:

1. You gave us Monkeys running the show; & more monkeys wanting to take over the show.

Aww...Please STOP saying: "BN is stopping us from making changes" or "we need more time" & "BN took up 53 yrs to mess up"

When we respect you, we can more readily forgive you for a LOT. We can even give you time. But now?

Baby. You got no time for us, we got no time for you.

2. We want Change for the Better & not (merely) Change for the sake of Change.

3. Please uphold the Law first before you change it.

Even if it's a shitty law..but if you dont want to uphold the law & then work to changing it (later), then Society falls apart,

Actually Aunty here feels that some Opposition leaders aren't even upholding a Good why would they uphold a bad one?

Conclusion: Looks like not many laws are being upheld?

4. Why did you give us all those baby monkeys who are no different from the old monkeys who's as good as you at eating bananas?

Don't you have any Good Candidates who will Work for the People? (blush. I'm so naive to still believe in that one!)

Yes. We all know we are ungrateful ingrates. Working for the People is a badly compensated & Thankless job.

But if someone volunteers to stand as Candidate, they must know by now, they are supposed to work for the LOVE of the Country.Yeah. One can still Dream, can't one?

5. Believe this or not..but BN seems to have eaten a little bit of humble pie & is trying HARD now to (re-)earn the People's Love.

I cant even believe I am saying this but never in a million years did I think I will say this. If Barisan continues to work hard like this, I may swing back to voting for 'em old monkeys instead of 'em baby ones!

After all what choices do voters have?

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