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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Look for Jeans Pants models

HJ.12925.8711.21.hj. Look for Jeans Pants models are best suited for your body, so it does not look weird and tacky if you are taking. For that Blitz Style this time will provide tips on choosing Trousers & Jeans Wholesale Jeans that you can follow.

If you have large thighs form, should you choose to Apparel Jeans model with straight or boot cut pants. Matix Jeans this model could help to streamline the large size of your thighs.
Then the toe Pants Pants Men Women & wide to create balance.

Then the pair of Jeans Jeans for Women & Men who newfangled buttocks and hips will make your hips look smaller and slimmer body will be impressed. Choose according to your size that fits. In order for your stomach look slimmer, you can use a belt pinggang.Koleksi Jean Trousers & Jeans Wholesale you can find in the store - the store famous jeans.

Pick the right jeans pocket on the back of the buttocks, because it will look more tidy, small and attractive. Avoid choosing a pocket that is too down or too big size and small pocket. Pick pocket that leads into the buttocks.

If you want to shape your legs more slender, choose colors for darker jeans in the thighs and the color faded at the knees upwards. With so thighs will look slimmer by using the Jeans Apparel.

For a great body shape as the bottom or pear fruit, very suitable to use Trouser Jeans stretch model. In addition you can also choose Jeans Jeans for Women & Men are somewhat loose, slim in the hips and buttocks and waist higher. Its function is to disguise the bulge by using Pants for Women & Men especially in In Trousers made of jeans, you look interesting.

matix shorts is one of fashion's most excellent for investment.
The jeans are nice and strong can be paired with a variety of ways to show semiformal and casual style. Strong shorts can be worn for a long time, making it a good piece of clothing to be used as an investment. But unfortunately, not all the shorts just for us. Here are tips on choosing the right pair of shorts so no regret from Clinton Kelly, host of What Not to Wear.

1. Try, try, and try again
If you're like most women, you are definitely having trouble finding the right shorts. Trying pants is important, but keep in mind, do not be shy to try a lot of pants.

2. The focus on size, not the label
You could just see the pants on a model whose body was roughly the same as signing your body shape, and trousers label it says certain types of species suitable to the type of body is like, the information is pretty good, but you still have to try before buying. Because, every manufacturer's pants have a different definition in interpreting the types of pants,
3. Dark colors
Shorts with a dark blue color will help to look more neat and elegant than the light blue shorts. Colors can be easily paired with other colors will make you easily change the style of the day to night just by replacing the boss alone.

4. Beware detail
Notice the details that exist in your pants, especially the effects of distress, such as white strokes on the thighs, knees, buttocks, or hips, will draw immediate attention to the area. Faded colored dots that will make the part look bigger. So, carefully select shorts HJ.12925.8711.21.hj.

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