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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where Is That Happy Medium?

Many people in our country are either out of work, or getting paid less than they used to. The poverty rate in our country is higher than ever. People everywhere are struggling to get enough income to pay all the bills and support their families. Even the people who still have jobs are finding it hard to make ends meet and generate enough income. Most homes now are no longer able to survive off of just one income. It seems like we all have to work and even then, sometimes it still isn't enough.
Any person lucky enough to have a job at all realizes that the business they are working in is having a hard time staying in business. Employers are encouraging early retirement, cutting hours and laying off hourly workers by the hundreds. Those working are giving it their all so their employers will appreciate their value and spare them from being doomed to the same fate as those unlucky folks mentioned above.
Those people in salaried jobs are a little better than their hourly brethren as at least they know how much money to expect every month. Knowing that allows them to budget more accurately in order to make ends meet. This does have its downside however.
Most people who are salaried find that they make far less than they would if they were hourly. The reason that so many companies have salaried positions is because they can get their employees to work as many hours as they need without having to pay them any more money. This can be really hard on a family because when we are salaried most of us have to work more which causes us to miss softball games and football with our kids.
It seems like a vicious circle. When we are hourly we get sent home early and can't get enough hours to make ends meet. Yet when we are salaried we can usually make enough money to pay all the bills, but we have to work so much that we are never home. We need to be able to find a happy medium somewhere.
Now, thanks to new technology we can have the perfect compromise. We can choose to start our own business, and with the right software and support we can be very successful. Because online business is booming so much, running our own business online would allow us to be able to make enough money to be able to pay all the bills and still give us the option of being there for every dinner and every little league game.
We would probably all agree that family comes first. Part of putting our family first though is putting a roof over their heads and food on the table. Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between working and spending time at home with the family. When we are our own bosses we get choose the hours we work so we never have to miss anything with our family.
More people are seeing the light of operating their own online business and making it a success. With the appropriate software and the right kind of support, anyone can create and maintain a successful online business venture. We don't have to sweat over bills and how much we take home weekly because finally how much we earn depends on our own merit, not the whims of a boss or a funky economy.

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