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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prediction League 2010/2011 50-50 arsenal Barcelona

F: Arsene Wenger dan Josep Guardiola (daylife)

F: Arsene Wenger and Josep Guardiola (daylife) LONDON - Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has already had a hunch that his team will again meet a familiar opponent, just before drawing the last 16 of Champions League 2010/2011. Feeling Wenger has proved accurate, Arsenal didapuk to be opponents Barcelona.
"I have a strong feeling that sometimes fall phase of the Champions League draw, will bring together two teams that have been associated. As a result, we met Barcelona. Only we who dare to challenge them, "Wenger said at the time.
Create the Gunners this is the sixth in the decade 2000 to 2011. In the previous five games, Arsenal have never won with three times the swallow defeat and two draws. Wenger's most memorable final course 2005/2006, in which his team gave up 2-1.
Last season the two teams also met each other. The Gunners successfully held 2-2 at Emirates Stadium, but lost 4-1 in the Nou Camp. While the first meeting occurred in the season 1999/2000. Arsenal held 1-1 at Camp Nou, but lost 2-4 at home.
Reflecting on the five-match, The Professor should have a surefire way to counter the power of Barca. But Wenger is not without problems in this meeting. The Gunners are still often inconsistent in play, especially if you meet the more established teams. Examples of the most brand-new when Cesc Fabregas et al held 4-4 by Newcastle United in the Champions Premier League, Arsenal and it was already winning 4-0.
Luckily, last week won 2-0 cannon capable of London from Wolverhampton Wolves team under the board. The result was a significant capital Arsenal for Barcelona entertain.
Pep Guardiola own squad had just slipped in La Liga, after being held 1-1 by Sporting Gijon. But, it is not the absolute size of the force Lionel Messi et al which is still the top standings while La Liga. Guardiola still giving freedom to foster children for creativity in the field by presenting attractive entertaining football.
In contrast, Arsenal, with Wenger's philosophy is very proscribe negative football. Wenger also carry attacking football, although the risk is pierced with a large amount. Not yet known whether the strategy will be carried Wenger to curb the power of Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Pedro Rodriguez.

Record attendance: Champions League 2009/2010 (quarterfinals) Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona
Champions League 2005/2006 (final) Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal
Champions League 1999/2000 (group stage) Arsenal 2-4 Barcelona Barcelona 1-1 Arsenal

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